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August 2014



A Quirky & Fun Engagement Shoot in Valentines Park

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Quirky and fun engagement shoot yellow balloon valentines park
Aww I have such a fun and adorable engagement session to share with you today! Meet Alan & Lilly, two lovely people who were introduced through friends when they were in their teens, fast forward a few years and they were together, now they’re happily married and the story of how Alan proposed is beyond sweet…

Cute Quirky Engagement Shoot Valentines Park-23 Cute Quirky Engagement Shoot Valentines Park-22 (more…)



August 2014



A Quirky NYC Bookstore Wedding: Abigail & Jason

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A Quirky NYC Bookshop wedding
I just love the location and venue for todays book themed wedding. I adore books, just ask anyone that has seen my living room, we literally have shelves and shelves lined with them, it would be my dream to have a in-house library – seriously how cool would that be! Anyway I love it when a couple use a combined passion for something as the backdrop for their wedding and that is exactly what Abigail & Jason did for their wedding. Here they are to tell us more…





August 2014



Off The Record: Back to Business Baby!

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Wowzer, my first week back at work after being in Mexico for a fortnight, things are full speed ahead and I am loving every minute of it! Me & Emily have been busy creating DIYs this week & talking plans for the future all washed down with a healthy dose of yummy smoothies!

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Here’s what else we’ve been loving this week…


Luther. The TV Series, me & James got back from holiday and literally spent 24 hours in bed working through the first 2 series while napping and eating in between! It felt so good to have a real duvet day after the travelling and jet lag, I had never seen it before but now I’m hooked! And kinda scared of the dark again.

Spending nights at friends having a game night! Have you ever heard of the Nasty Horse Racing Game? It’s hilarious, and has the tendency to get kinda nasty in a funny way (hence the name) ! I’d highly recommend it! 

Finding some beautiful pink ombre candles from Primark! Such a bargain and they’re so pretty! 

Looking back on holiday photos and videos! It’s shocking to realise how much you forget, you know, the small things, so I’m glad we took a lot of photos and filmed while we were over there, it makes me feel so happy when I look back on all of the experiences! 


♥ BBQ’s in the rain with friends! There was no way we were going to let typical British Weather spoil our night :D

♥ Getting a little tipsy! It was completely unexpected and unplanned but those nights are always the best aren’t they?

Getting Jess back and organising some big big plans for the blog and The Online Wedding Show – Lets just say the next few months are going to get crazy around here! 

♥ Picking fresh Blackberries and apples from my nans orchard and baking the most delicious crumble. Just for good measure I also baked a strawberry and apple and oh my, oh my, it was delightful!



Citrus treat box diy favors

Summery Citrus Treat Favor Boxes (Above photos by Damask Love)

Watermelon Nail Art!

Harry Potter Wands (These look amazing and are super easy to do!!)




August 2014



Gratitude, Excitement, Happiness & Support.

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Wedding Blog Awards Bespoke Bride Vote

You make us feel all of those things on a daily basis and it’s because of you guys, our readers, that we continue to feel happy, inspired and feel like we’re doing something right! Then this year, something magical happened to triple all of those feelings; We found out we had been nominated for ‘Best Wedding DIY Blog’  in the Wedding Blog Awards and it really would be impossible for us to describe just how excited that made us!

We work especially hard on our DIYs because it’s something we can really inject our personalities into and the days when we’re creating our projects are some of our favourites!

Bespoke Bride DIYS

We would really love to take this all the way and be able to to call ourselves the best DIY wedding blog in the UK, so if you love what we do and create here at Bespoke Bride or if our DIYs have inspired you to create something extra special on your wedding day then we would be eternally grateful if you could spare us a couple of minutes to vote for us! There’s only 4 days left and every vote counts.

As always, thank you so much for support and for allowing us to do something that makes us so happy!

We love you all!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess & Emily x

Above photo by the fantastic Craig Dearsley