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October 2016




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Photo via Bespoke Bride

We are super super excited that today is the very first day of October and you know what that means right? HALLOWEEN!!! Having lunch with a friend last week, she asked us how we managed to stay colorful for the autumnal weather and whilst we admit it is a bit more of a challenge, bright bold colours are definitely are in for fall!

This got us thinking about weddings and how we could apply our love of colour to autumn/ winter weddings, so where better to start than with pumpkins. We have scoured the web for 12 of our favourite colorful pumpkin DIY’s and we promise there is not an ounce of orange in sight.

1. Pastel Pumpkin Cookies:  For any of you that may be unfamiliar with the work of Deanna from Obsessive Cookie Designer, she is a cookie extraordinaire, making fancy custom sugar cookies for all to enjoy. These candy colored pumpkin cookies are a daydream and the perfect way to see in one of our favourite holidays.


Photo via Lovely Indeed

2. Painted Mini Pumpkins: So mini pumpkins are just the cutest right, especially when painted in such fun colours! Don’t you think these would make awesome table decorations at a wedding, or even as little place name holders, oh, I would have so much fun with these!

Photo by Jared Smith via Sugar & Cloth

3. Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins: Polka dots are pretty much my favourite pattern so imagine my excitement when I saw it on a pumpkin! The gold against the white is so pretty and classy, whilst the sequins add a touch of glamour making it a great decor choice for a wedding.

gold-neon-effect-pumpkins-for-halloween-2Photo via For the Makers

4. Gold & Neon No-carve Pumpkins: This is one of my favourite pumpkin DIY’s EVER! They are just so funky! Painted in gold first, then with a touch of colour is super effective.

Photo via Sarah Hearts

5. Decoupage Tissue Paper Pumpkins: Using tissue paper to decorate your pumpkins can add a cool textured look to your pumpkin and is a great way to use up any left pieces of tissue paper from gifts etc.


Photo via Fall For DIY

6. Halloween Party Pumpkin Pops: When I saw these cake pops, I couldn’t help but think how cool they would be on desert table at a fall wedding, or any event for that matter. This DIY is super simple and can be made in any colour to match your theme. (more…)



September 2016




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This time last week I was at an absolutely beautiful wedding at Elmore Court, admiring the decor and gawking over how stunning the bride looked! It was such a fun day and when it came to the speeches the bridesmaids got me involved with wedding speech bingo! I had never played this before but it was hilarious! They handed out a word to each of us on the table and every time we heard ‘our word’ in the speeches we had to take a drink!


So, I thought it would be fun to create a little free printable of this game! You could print these out and pop them on the tables or give them to the bridesmaids to hand out, we’ve even created a blank template that you or your guests can fill in themselves to make the bingo more personal to the bride and groom!




September 2016




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Do you feel so overwhelmed with planning your wedding that you feel like your not moving forward as quickly or as efficiently as you would like to be? You’re not alone! Planning a wedding is an epic task and it can be so hard to get started when your so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, but using the big day as your motivation and our list of questions, we can help you take the first steps in planning the best day of your lives!

1. What will be the most important aspects of my wedding day?

Knowing what aspects of the day will be most important to you will seriously help you plan your spend and give you an idea of what you will need to budget. If for example you really want a videographer to capture the day they you know to set aside £1-£2k for this service. If you discover that this will leave you short for money in a few other areas, you can then look at the items that were at the bottom of your list and decide whether or not these are really worth having in order to free the extra money for the things you really want.

2. When do I want to get married?

Setting a date is a key detail. You will need to know this for every aspect of the wedding whether it be for finding a venue, booking the caterers even when buying a dress as designers will need to know when any alterations will need to be completed by. If your struggling start by narrowing down the year and month, then pick a few dates within that month that would work for you and go from there. Trust me, once this is decided you will be well on your way to planning your wedding.

3. What is my budget?

Deciding on your budget is something I have spoke about here many times before. I cannot emphasize how important it is to create a budget and even more important to not lose sight of it.

4. What do I plan to get done in 6 months, 9 months, a year?

It’s easy to forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for planning a wedding. It doesn’t (usually) just happen over night. Set yourself realistic goals in the next 12 months I will….. In the next 9 months I will… We created a handy little checklist to help with this which you can download here.

5. What type of decor do I want at our wedding? Will there be a colour palette or theme?

You might have a long ol’ list or Pinterest boards full with ideas for your wedding but have you really taken the time to a.) decide if you really want them and b.) Are they going to be realistic? It’s no good deciding you want to a clean minimalist feel if you want to book a stately home or a festival wedding in the midst of an British winter. List a few of your favourite ideas and chat them over with your venue and other suppliers to see if they can be realistically incorporated in some way.

6. Do I have a back up plan?

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience for some and unfortunately there are times when things can go wrong. A supplier might have to pull out at the last minute or you might find your dress doesn’t quite fit how it was supposed to? Having a back up plan is crucial and will certainly help reduce your anxiety levels should something not go to plan on the day. (more…)



September 2016




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I’ve always loved the idea of combining place settings with plates, it’s been a DIY i’ve wanted to do for a while so when Cricut asked us to create a place setting for the Handmade Fair I knew exactly what I wanted to make! Here’s how to make your own…

diy-floral-flower-place-setting-plate-name-place-summer-table-decorations-wedding-3 diy-floral-flower-place-setting-plate-name-place-summer-table-decorations-wedding-6


Plates // Vinyl in a number of colours // A Cricut Explore // Transfer tape //


Choose your flowers from the Cricut design space, as you can see I chose a variation of shapes and sizes.


I then loaded my mat into the machine and cut the flowers out into a variety of colours.

diy-floral-flower-place-setting-plate-name-place-summer-table-decorations-wedding-2 (more…)