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October 2012



Our top 10 Geeky Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Ring Boxes.

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Tardis box

Here at Bespoke Bride we are well reknowned for loving things a little Geek chic so imagine my excitement when my boyfriend sent me this list of 30 Geeky Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Ring Boxes courtesy of BuzzFeed. Enclosed was a little message saying “Saw this and thought of you”, awww he knows me so well…

So after going through them and pretty much ooo’ing and ahhh’ing at every one me & Jess tried to choose our top 10, so here it goes.

(You can click on the images to go to their original source.)

This engagement ring was designed by the owners fiance and made by a very talented jeweller located in Kansas. For those of you who watch Transformers you will know this is the Deception symbol. The Deceptions are in fact the baddies who make it their mission to destroy humanity – a rather strange choice as an engagement ring but completely the brides choice, and we cannot deny that this ring is uber cool.

“hey! Its me, Mario!”

This has to be one of our favourites, being avid fans of Super Mario and his crew (Emily can make the same sound Toads makes when he slips on the banana peel in Super Mario Kart – Geek!!) this is simply awesome.

The story behind this one is so cute as the bride actually proposed to her boyfriend with this ring, that is one totally cool girlfriend. Safe to say he said yes, and what guy wouldn’t?

Doctor  Who fans all over the world will love this engagement ring box. Ironically the ring inside is very similar to that of Kate Middleton? We wonder if Will’s did actually propose using this box?

We at least know of two people who will fall in love with this custom Darth Vader chestplate/lightsaber themed wedding band when they see it. This ring was designed by Reddit user Homerliwag who also designed the Indiana Jones ring below.

Homerliwag actually proposed to his own girlfriend with this ring here’s the story of how he did it.

” My girlfriend Aimee was wanting to do something special that day. So, I decided to look for an engagement ring. 11.11.11 happened and I had no ring. What should I do?! Being that Aimee is an avid Indiana Jones fan, I decided to surprise her with a ring box. When she opened the box, inside wasn’t an engagement ring – Just a bag of sand! I told her, Indiana Jones must have swooped in and stolen the “treasure” and left her with a bag of sand (just like the movie)

Being a designer and artist, I felt I had to do something special. Since Aimee is a very enthusiastic Indiana Jones fan, the thought of a coiled whip as the ring seemed perfect. I did a few quick drawings and found a custom jeweler in Las Vegas. The “bag of sand” bought me some time to have the ring custom made. And with her favorite color yellow, I selected a fancy yellow diamond which also represents “The Idol”.

The question now is – how do I present the ring? I made a custom ring box out of a 1920’s steel soap bar box and used sculpting clay to create the look of ancient ruins inside. I then presented the box mixed with 4 other interesting boxes. Now, with the theme of “You must choose wisely…” from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I used a magician’s trick to make her “select” the correct box. I asked her if she “chose wisely”. Then I opened her selected box revealing “The Whip”.

Awwww how cute!!

Harry Potter fans all over will rejoice when they see this themed ring box.

This custom USB ring was designed by the wife of Microsoft Game Studios Software Development Engineer Ray Arifianto. The interior is engraved with the words, “For a lifetime of memories,” an allusion to the USB’s storage capabilities. Aww!

Perfect for the Sci fir girl in your life this Star Trek insignia engagement ring is hand-crafted by Etsy selller VaLaJewellery.

DNA Rings

For the science geek in you check out these DNA helix rings by K. BRUNINI Jewels, gosh this brings back memories of Uni…

And finally this isn’t on the BuzzFeed list but we certainly wanted on ours…

Eeeek we love love love this Pokemon ball ring box!!

If your have a geeky wedding day to share then please let us know about it.

Much Bespoke Love

♥ ♥ ♥


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