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October 2012



20 Unique Places to Get Married or Hold Your Reception

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As you all know we love to encourage the idea of bringing a little ‘you’ into your day, this can be done in so many ways but one of the more obvious choices is to select a venue that reflects your personality!

Now, this collection isn’t going to ‘float everyone’s boat’ so to speak, some of you will find these ideas incredible, others wouldn’t even dream of holding their wedding in these places, but that’s what it’s all about! Every single one of you is unique and this list has been created to inspire the socks off you!

Of course, depending upon what country you’re in, some places won’t have a licence to hold a wedding but it’s always worth researching into having your reception there if you really love it!

So, here goes! A list of 20 unique places to get married or hold your reception…

♥ 1. In an aquarium

Beautiful lighting, a calm atmosphere & lots of colourful fish surrounding you, it would be perfect for the water lovers out there!

♥ 2. An Underwater Wedding

Alternatively if you really love water that much you could consider getting married under it!

♥ 3. At a Stadium

If you’re a fan of sport then imagine how spectacular it would be to have your reception/wedding or at least a few photos at your favourite teams stadium!

♥ 4. At a Canyon

This particular photo was taken at the Grand Canyon, we can only imagine how breath taking it would have been!

♥ 5. At a landmark

The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Stone Henge….the list goes on! Take your pick!

♥ 6. In a Cave

Dress it up spooky or dress it up classy! A wedding in a cave would be incredibly cool…not to mention creative!

♥ 7. A Marriage On a Mountain

How spectacular it would be to be surrounded by marvelous mountains on your wedding day!

♥ 8. In a Museum

For the history and art lovers, why not get married or have your reception in a museum? Your guests would never have a dull moment!

♥ 9. In a Yurt

As we’ve mentioned before Yurts are becoming ever more popular and we can see why…

♥ 10. A Carnival Wedding

Eek! A carnival wedding would be ridiculously fun!

♥ 11. A Forest / Woodland Wedding

Forest weddings are particularly close to our hearts, we love how simple they can be or how beautifully decorated they can be! We’re thinking fairy lights & wooden tables for your guests!

♥ 12. In Your Garden

 Two of our friends had a stunning wedding in a church followed by a reception held in their very own garden, it couldn’t have been more special or personal and all of the DIY details tied everything together beautifully.

♥ 13. In a Library

 If you and your hubby share a passion for reading then a wedding or reception in a library could be perfect!

♥ 14. On a Cruise Liner

How romantic it would be to be married at sea!

♥ 15. On A Sailboat

Or for a more intimate ceremony at sea you could always go with a sailboat!

♥ 16. A Railway Station

 For a classic and vintage feel to your day, there’s something particularly romantic about an old railway station

♥ 17. A Theme Park

Ohhhh the fun of getting married at a theme park!

♥ 18. A Festival Wedding

 The idea of a festival wedding sounds ultra fun, particularly for us English girls where festivals are an ultimate summer past time!

♥ 19. A Rooftop Wedding

For a complete contrast how about a rooftop wedding overlooking a gorgeous cityscape.

♥ 20. A Safari / Zoo Wedding

IMAGINE! A wedding on safari or at a zoo?! This couple proved how beautiful the images and we’re sure..the memories of such a unique wedding could be.

We’re certain wherever you choose to hold your special day will be just as special as you!

Much Bespoke Love

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