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November 2012



Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Baroque ‘n’ Roll

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We admit it. We spend a lot of our time drooling over the latest fashion trends and browsing through magazines looking at clothes that we simply can’t afford!

One of the fashion finds that have stuck in our mind for next season is Baroque; it’s dark, it’s edgy and even though it’s a trend from from 17th century this look has something very futuristic about it. Think bold patterns, huge costume jewellery & a style that’s very extravagant.

We loved this trend so much we felt it only necessary to apply it to a wedding theme! Yes…most people would simply wear it, but why not lavish your tables with this trend & cover your cake with it? Our inspiration board is based primarily around the black and gold trend of baroque but we think silver, black & blue would rock just as much!

Dolce and Gabanna would be proud!

Even if you don’t want to brave the black wedding gown, white would still look awesome accompanied with some bridesmaids dressed in black and gold baroque!

All of the images used can be found here

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