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October 2013



Wedding DIY: How to Make Your Own Rainbow Table Numbers with Lollipop Sticks

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Today is the day of the Wedding Blog Awards and as you can imagine we are a little bit excited. Ok I am totally lying, we are so so so so so excited that containing it is becoming somewhat of a problem. Never in a million years did we think that two years after starting our blog, kind of by accident, that we would be heading to the Ritz in London for an awards ceremony in which we have been nominated! We honestly feel so blessed that all you wonderful readers are supporting us in our dream careers – so a HUGE thank you to you all, without you we wouldn’t be where we are now :)

Anyway I must stop with all the soppiness and get on with today’s DIY…

You know that both myself and Jess are ones for a little bit of bold and bright and I don’t think you could get more colourful than these multicoloured statement table numbers! Obviously if you find the colours to be too much you can use much softer shades, you can get lollipop sticks in all sorts of colours and you could even create an ombre themed one starting with a darker colour on the bottom shading out to a lighter on top, the possibilities are endless.
Table Number Lollipop Sticks-7

You will need:  lollipop sticks in the colour of your choice ♥ a old photo frame  glue  Printed table numbers 

Table Number Lollipop Sticks

Step 1: Print our your table numbers and place in your frame

Table Number Lollipop Sticks-2

Step 2: Start gluing you first layer of lollipop sticks to the frame.

Table Number Lollipop Sticks-3

Step 3: Continue to glue the sticks around the outside of the frame.

Table Number Lollipop Sticks-4

Step 4: Make sure the whole frame is covered.

Table Number Lollipop Sticks-5

Step 6: Now you can start adding your next layer of lollipop sticks in exactly the same way – gluing each stick to the layer below making sure to stagger the sticks a little so that the underneath layer can still be seen slightly.

Table Number Lollipop Sticks-6

Step 6: Add a third layer in the same way as before and leave to dry completely.

Once the photo frame is dried you are ready to add to your table but make note that you will need to mount the frame on something so that it can hang over the edge otherwise you will have difficulties make the frame stand up.

It would be really great to hear how you get on  or even see these frames in action so please be sure to send us your pictures!

Much Bespoke Love

Emily ♥



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