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October 2013



Bridal Nails: Expert Tips

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Aztec Nails

From skincare to haircare, makeup to nails – every aspect of your beauty regime is important when it comes to your wedding day, and as it’s your left hand’s time to shine, attracting its fair share of attention on the day, it’s important to get your nails ready to complement that shiny new wedding ring!

So to help you, Gerald International has put together a collection of their top tips for perfect bridal nails!

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Take extra care to look after your hands in the run up to your wedding day. Wear gloves when doing housework, keep your hands and cuticles thoroughly moisturised each day and exfoliate twice a week. Not only will this keep your skin soft, but will encourage healthy nail growth too. Your diet also plays a big part in nail health, so be sure to drink plenty of water and include enough protein and good oils in your diet. Photo Credits: Aleko Osenki VIA Trend Hunter 

Be Different

Be Different..

Nude colours may be the norm, but if you’re a bride who likes to make a statement, don’t be afraid to experiment. Bright red nails work beautifully with a vintage look and will really stand out in photographs, or you could match your nails to your shoes, bridesmaid dresses or even just go completely wild with them! It’s your day; make sure you do it your way! Photo Credits: Left – The Polished Perfectionist & right – Powder Rooms

Try Perfect French

Perfect French

Simple, elegant and timeless, a classic French manicure is still the most popular choice for brides on their big day. French manicure styles and shades may vary from salon to salon, so take a look through magazines to find your ideal style and take a picture along to your manicurist as a guide. You could even switch up the colours of a french manicure if you liked as shown above! Photo Credits: Left- The Polished Perfectionist & right- Pshiiit

Add Some Extra Sparkle

Glitter Nails

Glitter and gems add a glamorous touch and are popular with brides who really want to sparkle on their special day. For a subtle, wearable look, a layer of glitter on your ring finger nail will complement your manicure and draw attention to your beautiful wedding band. Photo Credits: Left- K Bobb Photography VIA Photos Essence  & right – A Polish Addict

Have A Trial Run

Aztec Nails

If you are having a professional manicure for your wedding, book a trial session with the manicurist before the big day to decide exactly what style and colour you’d like. Photo Credit: The Beauty Butterfly

Go For Long Lasting

Geleration Nails

Travelling on your honeymoon straight after your wedding? Why not have a manicure that will last through that too? Gel nails are a perfect solution for brides as the high shine finish is instantly dry and lasts for up to three weeks without chips or smudges – one less thing to worry about on the wedding day. To find your nearest gel manicure salon offering Jessica’s GELeration, try this useful “salon finder” from Jessica Nails. Photo Credits: Left – Body Beauty Ltd & right – Avant Garde

Try DIY Nails


If you’re painting your own nails for your wedding day, invest in a high quality, professional nail polish and the tools you need to perfectly shape and prepare your nails. Push your cuticles back gently with a cotton bud, then file nails to shape with an emery board that’s right for your nail type. Scrub nails with warm water and soap free cleanser, then dry them thoroughly. Now you’re ready to paint. For a professional, long lasting finish, start with a layer of base coat then apply two coats of your chosen colour. Complete your bridal manicure with a top coat to seal and protect your colour while leaving a high shine, professional finish. Photo Credit: The Beauty Department

Have First Aid On Hand

Emergency Kit

Don’t let a chip ruin your look. Add a mini nail file and bottle of polish to your big day essentials, just in case of emergency. Photo Credit: Bellagala

Do you have any more top nail tips for brides to be? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess x


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