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December 2013



Off The Record: Trees, Trimmings and Treats

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22nd-December-2013 Trees Trimming

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Hello guys and gals! So I am back from our trip to Sweden and Denmark. Both myself and Mr T had the most amazing time! We spent our first two days in Stockholm, I honestly loved it there! We spent quite  bit of time in Gamla Stan, well known for its array of colourfully painted buildings, narrow winding streets and the cutest little boutiques. I seriously fell in love with Swedish decor thanks to Gamla Stan. I honestly cannot wait to start working on redecorating our home next year, I have a feeling it will be heavily Sweden inspired!

The next few days were spent with my best friend and her family in Hassleholm. They wasted no time in introducing us to Swedish traditions filling us with Glogg, almonds and ginger bread cookies on our arrival. I loved spending time with Vicky, I am hugely proud of her and all she has achieved since we left university she seriously inspires me with her strong will and desire to make a real difference in the world of conservation.

During our visit we went to christmas markets in Malmo where we had the most amazing veggie burger and cheesecake, visited Malmo football stadium (not quite sure why, this one was more for the boy?) and I even had a horse riding lesson which I loved! The visit also included lots of eating traditional Swedish food cooked by Vick’s mom and sister and lots of doggie walking!

For our final couple of days we travelled to Copenhagen where we walked around Churchills park and found the little mermaid statue that was erected in honour of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the Little Mermaid.

I can safely say we fell in love with Sweden and will be sure to go back very soon!

Well can you believe that it is only 3 more sleeps until Christmas. I have successfully completed all my christmas shopping, all that is left now is the wrapping. Today myself and Mr T will put up our christmas tree, it the will be our first christmas living together s0 it will be interesting to see how our tree will end up. We brought back lots of goodies from Sweden so we will be cooking a roast dinner, eating lots of Swedish chocolate (honestly the best chocolate EVER!), drinking plenty of warm Glogg and listening to christmas songs. Well thats enough about me, here is what both myself and Jess have been loving this week…

Emily Loves…

Returning home to an early christmas present from my housemate! It is no secret that I love Crown and Glory, just a little bit so I was so happy to have the festive glitter holly clip to add to my collection. Now I face a dilemma what will I wear on christmas day, the holly hair clip or the Gold Rose headband? Maybe I’ll wear both, one in the morning, one in the afternoon??? Problems problems!

Christmas shopping!! You probably won’t believe me but I did all my christmas shopping yesterday, on what must have been one of the busiest shopping days leading up to christmas. Everyone thinks I am mad for leaving it so late, but I love the hustle and bustle, it makes me so excited!

Going christmas tree shopping with the boy for the first time, we picked our tree pretty quickly, I think it was called a Nordic Spruce? To all you tree lovers out there I am pretty sure that means something but I am pretty sure in tree world that is a dang good tree!

Having snuggles with the kitties after being away from them for so long. I really miss them when I am away, I know it was only a week but you know how it is…

This weekend saw my housemate moving to pastures new as she decided to brave the big wide world and set up in her own pad. Although sad to see her go (we lived together for two years!) I am so happy for her! I am also secretly a little jealous, I love to move house so its giving me the bug but I think I will be able squash this feeling with some redecorating in the new year.

Jess Loves…

Getting the last few bits for my Christmas shopping yesterday! I am DONE!

Wrapping all of my Christmas presents up last night, jeez, I think I underestimated just how long it would take!! Let’s just say 3am  I was still up, half covered in Sellotape! I am however very pleased with my wrapping this year, super pretty!! The presentation is just as important! 

Making a ginger bread house with James!! Holy schmokes I am loving it!! It’s taking shape now and once it’s fully set all that’s left to do is get decorating!! Skittles, ice gems and sprinkles at the ready!

Hitting Cardiff with the girls, we went to an absolutely awesome restaurant called Las Iguanas, I loved it so much because it reminded me of Mexico! Plus it was happy hour ALL day and the tapas had 25% off!! Happy hour + Mexican food = Happy Jess

Watching the new hobbit film! It was IMMENSE. I liked it better than the first one!!

Baking the best chocolate brownies EVER! I’ll be sharing the recipe with you on Christmas Eve…

What We’re Loving Around the Web…

To start I had to show you what I believe to be one of the best christmas videos I have seen this year! A collaboration between Papertwin and Ironbird aerial cinematography saw the creation  of this fabulous Christmas special featuring Liverpool based freerunners Ryan and Anthony Doyle

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Well thats all folks, all thats left now is to wish you all a very merry Sunday whatever you may be doing. If any of you are christmas shopping I wish you the best of luck! Now to decorate the tree!

Much Bespoke Love

Emily ♥





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