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March 2014



DIY Confetti Pops!

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Confetti Pops

Curious Confetti Pops Main

Sometimes in life we just need to pop some pretty confetti. And when that moment comes, we need to be ready! Lucky for us Curious Fair have got our backs with this one as they’ve got an awesome confetti pop DIY to share with us today! It’s super easy, super cheap but most of all super beautiful! We absolutely adore this…

Curios Confetti Pops Final

Step 1. Hello, Natalie from Curious Fair here! To make your own pretty Confetti Pop you will need: Various Colourful Paper // Metallic confetti or glitter // Push Pop Container // A Hole Punch // Brown Paper // Double Sided Tape // Fine Liner // Scissors

Step 2. The first thing you’ll need to do is assemble your push pop tube! We bought ours from eBay (10 for £4.99). Push the internal part into the push pop tube until it clicks into place.

Step 3. Slot plastic stick into the base of the push pop tube.

Step 4. Now you’re ready to create your confetti using various papers of your choice! We’ve gone for the vintage look with a mixture of muted colours & newsprint. Using a hole punch create a handful of colourful mini circles.

Step 5. Fill the push pop tube with your paper confetti (we’ve also mixed in heart shapes for a more loved up version! Perfect for a wedding!).

Step 6. Top the tube off with a few pinches of metallic confetti or large flakes of glitter to give your push pop a bit of sparkle!

Step 7. Place the lid firmly onto the top of the push pop tube keeping the confetti safe until it’s ready to be released!

Step 8. Now over to Guy! Finally create a personalised label for your confetti pop! Cut out a piece of paper the correct size for your tube.

Step 9. Using a fine liner, carefully write a label or message that sums up the occasion you’ve made the confetti for!

Step 10a & 10b. Use two strips of double sided tape to secure the label in place.

Step 11. Gather friends, drink cocktails & pop your confetti! ‘A little Party Never Killed Nobody!’…

Me & Emily can’t wait to make a bunch of these ourselves!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess x


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