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March 2014



Off The Record: Selfies, Sports Relief & Sunday Lunch

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Instagram Dream Big

This week my Facebook news feed has been filled with beautiful ladies showing their pretty bare faces to raise awareness for Cancer Research! At first I was kind of confused how taking a selfie could possibly raise awareness or money for cancer but once it became clear you had to donate at the same time I was amazed at how much good it was doing!! There is no way I would have woken up one morning and just randomly decided to donate to cancer research if I hadn’t have seen all of that on Facebook so it absolutely worked! The campaign has raised £2million so far which is just AMAZING!! If you’d still like to donate £3 all you have to do is text BEAT to 70007! It couldn’t be easier! Here’s what else me & Emily have been loving this week…


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Jess Loves…

Spending the day in Chepstow with Emily having lunch and drinking cocktails!

Eating a massive sunday lunch when you’re hungover. I don’t know why but a roast dinner just seems to make everything better! I always cover mine with mint sauce!

Cooking chorizo and chicken fajita wraps. SOOOOO yum!! Peppers, onions, chorizo, chicken, olives & spinach all topped up with a tomato & mascarpone sauce and spooned into a tortilla! Heaven.

Celebrating friends birthdays with a girls night out! There’s something so nice about getting all dressed up and having drinks with the girls, don’t you agree?

Watching Sports Relief! I absolutely love it when the whole country comes together to support such a good cause, I especially love seeing the success stories of how Sports Relief has helped so many lives over the years!

Emily Loves…

This week Fifi Mills wrote a post on the negatives in business and it totally struck a chord with me. Balance in business is something I really struggle to maintain, as a self employed woman I really find it hard to turn off and often find myself working all the hours under the sun. So this week I tried to make a point of spending more ‘me’ time and one of the things I find really helpful is spending time with my dog. I call him my dog but he actually lives with my mum and dad – taking time to walk and play with him keeps my mind of the business and gives me time to focus on being in the now, he is so lively it is hard to focus on anything else.

You must have been living in a bubble this week if you hadn’t noticed the crazy amount of beautiful make up free woman on Facebook and Instagram. In a bid to raise money for cancer research I removed the war paint and bared all to do my bit and I have to admit it was liberating. I was so happy to hear that thanks to woman all over the world joining in with the #nomakeupselfie, over 2 million pound was raised for cancer research.

Simple pleasures in life really make me happy and this week we have had our new sofa delivered. It is so darn comfy I think it might possibly be my new office!

We were set a secret mission this week which involved eating lots of different fruits and a curry, drinking a special cocktail, sunbathing in the rain and smashing coconuts. If you can guess what we were doing I would be very impressed. We will be able to shed a bit more light on this next week but for now all I can say is – I LOVE MY JOB!

Making homemade gifts for my mummy for mothers day.

Going out for a meal with Mr T for date night – he is one of the only people that can make me cry with laughter. I am at my happiest when I am with him.

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So tell me, what you have been loving this week? Leave us a comment and let me know!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess x


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