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June 2014



How To Make Your Own Fun Pineapple Floral Arrangement

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Pineapple Main-3

Is it me or are pineapples everywhere at the moment? This zingy tropical fruit has really taken the fashion world by storm popping up everywhere from cushions and clutches to dresses and decor,  so to pay homage to the humble pineapple I decided to use the real thing to create this fabulous fruity floral arrangement.

It really was so easy to make and super cheap, you have to give this one a try this summer!

You Will Need: Pineapple// A selection of Flowers// Ice cream Scoop//A Sharp Knife// Scissors// Empty small plastic bottle//

Pineapple Collage

Step 1: Cut the top off your pineapple

Step 2: Using the knife cut a hole in the flesh of the pineapple about half an inch from the edge as this will help make the pineapple more sturdy and keep its balance.

Step 3: Using a spoon or Ice cream scoop, remove the flesh of the fruit.

Step 4: Cut a plastic bottle so that it fits snug in the pineapple.

Step 5: Fill the bottle with water.

Step 6: Cut your flowers down to size and arrange in your pineapple.

And there you have it the most adorable tropical centrepiece, say goodbye to vases and mason Jars the pineapple is the new flower vessel. I would love to see yours, remember to hashtag #BespokeBride on Instagram and if you like our DIYs you can show your support by voting for us here & here, we would really appreciate it!

Much Bespoke Love

Emily x



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