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October 2014



How to Personalise Your Wedding Without DIY, A Real Brides Top Tips: Sophie & Matthew

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Vintage Wedding Classic Inspiration

A non DIY Wedding with Personalised Touches at Riverstation in Bristol

Over the past few years we have featured lots of real weddings and have been passionate about asking each and every bride and groom to pass on their words of wisdom when it comes to planning a wedding, something I hope you have found helpful at one time or another. However today’s bride has really gone out of her way to provide you guys with some absolutely fabulous tips and tricks on how to personalise your wedding without a lifting a finger to a glue gun and more importantly without any added stress. So if you are looking to personalise your wedding but the idea of DIY’ing sends a shudder down your spine then read on folks, this one is for you…

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71-2014-10-06-235-carterriverstation165 Pretty Pink & Classy Bridesmaids Dresses
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“I always rolled my eyes at married people who say that their wedding day was ‘the best day of my life’. Such a cliche. So, so true. I had freaked myself out reading wedding magazines about brides crafting all sort of personal handmade touches and favours. I’m just not that makey. Instead I meticulously (mildly obsessively) planned our day without touching a glue gun or making any bunting, arranging little touches like krispy kremes to appear at 10pm to feed the sweaty dancers, a polaroid camera with props for the guest book, a 40’s female doo wop group for the reception, and a caricature artist, agonising over whether they would all be as fun as planned, or end up being naff. Fortunately, with the help of a perfect venue, the most gorgeous sunny day, a very organised wedding co-ordinator at Riverstation and free-flowing booze and food, it all went without a hitch. Who’d have thought?! We chose Riverstation primarily due to family connections, but it’s situation right on the water, the light and airy feel of the building and the amazing food were also key considerations! They allowed us to pick a menu consisting of 3 options which our guests could order on the day rather than having to choose in advance and all of the food was delicious.

My dress was made by a dressmaker in Brighton, Blanka at White Leaf. They custom designed and made every aspect of my dress and I couldn’t have been more pleased with it. Matt treated himself to a tailor-made suit at Hugo Morris Tailors in Brighton (surprisingly affordable as long as you don’t go to Saville Row). This was his sole responsibility… He even got himself some smart new pants.”

A Non DIY Wedding with Personalised Touches

Sophie’s Top Tips for Personalising Your Wedding!

1. Think about your favourite things, and try to incorporate them into the day – we had a buffet-type spread of all our favourite puddings, including trays of butterscotch schnapps and baileys shooters – or ‘cocksucking cowboys’, as they are technically known! (Watching Matt’s grandma reading the little sign saying what they were was priceless – even better was her chugging down more than one)

2. Get an awesome photographer. And if you can, get the day videoed! We had a ‘Film Your Own’ camera and various guests filmed throughout the day, catching all the fun and silliness that a videographer, essentially a stranger, may have missed.

3. Do what you want to do and don’t let anyone tell you it’s too silly. We played a table game we call ‘big face/little face’ where over dinner we got everyone to measure their faces from brow to lip, both while screwing up their faces as small as possible and then stretching as large as possible. Those with the biggest difference got prizes! Ridiculous, but so funny.

4. Relish the ‘getting ready’ part of the day, and only have the people around you who don’t stress you out!

5. Don’t stress about the inevitable little things which will go wrong. No-one will notice, they’re too interested in having a good time.

6. Some moments are so overwhelming with emotion – walking into the ceremony on Dad’s arm and seeing everyone you love turn and smile; walking in to the wedding breakfast on husbands arm to rapturous applause; my normally stoic Dad saying such lovely things and getting a bit wobbly – take a moment to pause a beat and savour each one. Another cliche, but the day passes by so fast (even though ours was over 12 hours long). Another good reason to video the day.

7. Have a free bar. Just, do it.

8. We served prosecco instead of Champagne. It’s just as nice, a quarter of the price, and no one even noticed.

9. Don’t follow any ‘traditions’ you don’t want to do (we didn’t bother with the receiving the guests bit after the ceremony). If it feels wrong, doesn’t flow or isn’t ‘you’, don’t bother. It’s your day, no-one else’s.

10. Don’t do too many planned group shots. It takes ages and finding everyone for each shot becomes a bit of a chore.

11. Dance like a twat. No-one will judge you, it’s your prerogative!


 Super Suppliers

Photography: Lizzy May// Venue: Riverstation// Flowers: Edward Allen// Dress: White Leaf Boutique, Brighton // Shoes: Next// Hair: Louise Alway // Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast// Caricaturist: Sheba// DJ: Oli Pattenden// Cake: Brides Mum// Cake Topper: Not On The High Street// Singers: The Cat’s Pyjamas// Videography: Film Your Own// Grooms Suit: Hugo Morris, Brighton// Groom and groomsmen’s ties: Mrs Bow Tie//



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