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November 2014



A Rustic & Natural Wedding Filled With Succulents

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Succulent Laid Back Wedding 1

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 34

For some couples it would be pretty difficult throwing a wedding when the bride is allergic to flowers, but not for Trevor & Lia. They knew they wanted a rustic and natural wedding with elements of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ since it’s Lia’s favourite book, so making the choice to have succulents instead was a no brainer! Not only did they feel more wild than your typical flowers but they looked so beautiful! Over to groom Trevor to tell you more…

Succulent Bouquet Beautiful UniqueSucculent Laid Back Wedding 5

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 12

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 11 Succulent Laid Back Wedding 13

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 17 Succulent Laid Back Wedding 21

Succulent Wedding Bouquet Beautiful Unique

Succulent Wedding Bouquet Beautiful Unique 2

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 35Succulent Laid Back Wedding 39

Succulent Laid Back Wedding 40“We wanted a wedding that felt natural and a little rustic. Lia’s favorite book has always been “Where the Wild Things Are,” and the first birthday present I got her was a big cloth tapestry of a scene from the book. So we tried to incorporate that feel into our wedding, without going over the top to the point of walking down the aisle in monster costumes or something!

We ordered a lot of the decorations for our wedding from Etsy, because they have so much unique, awesome stuff which really fit well with our theme. And we went with succulent flowers because for one, they look awesome and feel a little more wild than your typical flowers, and for two, Lia is allergic to flowers, so having a bunch of blooms in her face all night didn’t seem all that appealing. Overall, things turned out quite well for the wedding.

My favorite moment was definitely watching Lia walking down the aisle to an orchestral arrangement of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” being performed live on violin. Pretty epic way to begin a wedding ceremony!”

Super Suppliers:

Photographer:  Brittany Lauren Photography//Floral Designer:Botanica Floral Design//Officiant:Diva Matters Ministry//Event Venue:Langdon Farms Golf Club//Bakery:Petunia’s Pies and Pastries//Submitted via Two Bright Lights //

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