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January 2015




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This week has been a bit of a strange one for me to say the least, it started out absolutely awesome with a feature in the new Rock n Roll Bride magazine, I also got to meet my best friends new born little boy and had some beautiful fresh flowers bought me but sadly the week ended on a low when I had to say goodbye to my beautiful little cat Bam-bam. She was 13 years old so she lived a wonderful and great life but saying goodbye to a pet is never an easy thing, especially when one is half human like I always believed Bambam was! (she was a chatty little madam) We do however love to focus on the positive things here at Bespoke Bride so it still only felt right that we featured what has made us smile this week and i’ll still smile knowing that we did the right thing for my little furry friend…

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♥ Seeing Hannah and her new born baby boy Ellis! What a cutie he was, im so proud of her too, she did bloody brilliantly!! 

♥ Having a super relaxed weekend with no plans whatsoever. Sometimes those are the best weekends, especially when the weather is stormy like it was! 

♥ Watching The Great Gatsby, I can’t believe I’ve only just gotten around to watching it! I absolutely loved how beautiful everything was, the scenery, the costumes, and I loved how the soundtrack was so modern for something set so long ago. 

♥ SNOW!! We woke up to snow this week! Ok, it was the tiniest amount but it still looked pretty! 

♥ Getting bought fresh flowers. There really is nothing that brightens up a rainy day like beautiful fresh flowers! 

♥ Seeing our feature in Rock n Roll Bride magazine!!! We were so excited to see something of ours in print, it felt like an awesome achievement!


Weekday lie in’s with the cat! There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up in the week knowing you don’t have to work that day and everyone else does, especially when it is wet and windy outside!

Cinema dates! Myself and Mr T, carted ourselves off to the cinema this week so that we could finally get round to watching The Hobbit. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the screen the whole time, that film is pretty epic!

♥ As Jess has already mentioned a huge highlight of the week has been seeing one of our favourite DIYs go to print in the new Rock N Roll Bride magazine! If you haven’t had chance to get it yet, then why the hell not? And you need to hurry because it sold out online pretty darn quickly!!!

♥ Another particular highlight was seeing my words of wisdom being shared in Wedding Magazine this month.  I gave a few little tidbits of advice on DIY’ing your wedding and would love to know what you think?

♥ Changing our Instagram up a bit! Over the next few weeks you will likely see some changes to the way we do things around here and we have started with our instagram. You know how much we love to brand everything and we kind of felt our Insta was missing out, so we have switched it up  gear so you will now see lots more colour and style, just the way we like it!

♥ Finally I have decided to take a very brave step this year and launch my own personal wildlife blog called A Pocketful of Earth. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now, but have been so busy I have never got round to doing it. Although we are still crazy busy with Bespoke Bride and the launch of the Online Wedding Show, I am now better at managing my time and decided 2015 would be the year that I do a little something for myself. If you are ever interested in checking it out, I would love to know what you think? But please be nice 😀



Polka Dot Bicycle Basket (How cute!! Above photos by Jared Smith via Sugar and Cloth)

Pineapple Flower Cake Topper

Birthday Cake Box

DIY Guess Who Game (I LOVE this!!)

Bunny Ears Twist Wrap

Geometric Camera Straps


A Whimsical Colourful Wedding in Toronto (OMG I love everything about this!! Above photographs by 3 Photography via Wedding Bells)

Camping and Hockey Tournament Hand Crafted Field Wedding

A Greenhouse Wedding Editorial

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Shoot

Beautiful Bridal Accessories Shoot

Colourful Punk. Rockabilly and 1960s Wedding in Ireland


Making Mood Boards (An interesting read for us visual folk! Above photographs by Brittany Wood via Design Love Fest)

 How to Unclutter Your Twitter And Instagram

Why It’s OK To Earn Money From Blogging

♥ The Secret To Reaching Goals: Keep Them Fun and Attainable!

How To Clean and Care For Your Leather Boots in Winter (I seriously need to take this advice on board!)


Oh Joy! Studio Tour (Um, can I just live in this studio please?! Above photographs by Kelly Brown via Decor 8)

 My 10 Faves from Kate Spade Saturday For West Elm

Washi Tape Wall Art

Puffy Fluffy Flowers

Mexico: The Cookbook (I just really really want this! It’s so much more than just a cookbook, it’s like a piece of art!)

I wanted to end this Off The Record with a video that caught my earlier on in the week, it made me think and it made me smile. It’s a pretty awesome way to look at things! Enjoy it and enjoy your weekend lovelies xx


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