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March 2015




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Booya! It’s Friday! And what busy little bees me and Emily have been this week! We spent the first half of the week in London Town having meetings, attending events, shopping, drinking, eating and exploring and then we both slowed down the pace for the rest of the week…I may or may not be writing this from the sofa. In my PJs. Here’s what else what we’ve been loving getting up to this week….


♥ Having Emily over for dinner! Every now and then we take the time to have a girlie night without any work! I cooked caramelised onion pizza to start and a yummy sweet potato & peanut butter curry for main and we spent the evening watching Saturday night TV and chatting! 

♥ Meeting our friends Anne & Matt for dinner (& mojitos!) in London, we don’t get to see them very often so it was so nice to have a relaxed dinner and a good laugh together!

♥ Doing a spot of shopping on Oxford Street! Where we live, the shops on only have one floor for womenswear, so you can imagine our excitement in topshop and H&M when they had about 4 or 5 floors!

♥ Having high tea at the Berkely with Cricut! They put on a special event for their bloggers at this amazing hotel and I was blown away by the detail of the ‘fashionista’s tea’! I’m talking little cakes made into handbags, biscuits in the shape of shoes and gingerbread ball gowns! 

♥ Designing our own shoes at Upper Street, oh em gee! Part of our goodie bags from the wedding blog awards last year included a pair of shoes designed however we like (!!!!) and so me and Emily took the opportunity to choose ours while we were in London! You can see a video of the whole epic experience here! 

♥ Reading 50 shades darker. I know, I know, I’m super late to this party but after watching the first film I really wanted to know what happened next so I bought the book before we got on the bus back from London and was on chapter 5 by the time we arrived home! I am well and truly hooked! 


Having a relaxing girls night in with Jess, eating delicious food and experiencing Saturday Night Takeaway for the first time. I laughed ALOT!

Heading to London for a few businessy bits and bobs, although it wasn’t entirely business though, as we spent the first day shopping on Oxford Street and catching up with old friends. Not bad huh!

As Jess already mentioned we were also treated to High Tea at the Berkeley when we met with Cricut this week and it was sooooo cool! Imagine cakes made into the shapes of handbags, biscuits made into glittery gold dresses and of  course, lots of posh sandwiches! 

I was so excited to finally get round to designing my own shoes at Upper Street this week! I was drawn to a particular colour the minute I walked through the door and just had to get myself something similar. Helena was absolutely amazing guiding us through all the different heel sizes, types of shoes and fabrics. I was so impressed with how she could design the shoe using 3d software on her computer so we could see what they would look beforehand, although I cant wait to see what they look like in the flesh. Be prepared for lots of Instagram #shoeporn when they arrive!!

The Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack! Whilst Jess is catching up on the books I have the soundtrack on repeat. The track by Sia has to be my fave, she is soooo talented!!!



Painted Wood Bangle Bracelets (Above photos via Sarah Hearts)

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Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch

Macrame Yarn Garland

Faux Watercolour Art


Fun & Flirty Spring Bar Car (Above photos by Ben Q Photography via Best Friends For Frosting)

Colourful Mural Engagement Shoot

♥ Team Glam Make-Up Inspiration & Statement Flower Wall (This is beautiful!)

♥ Colourful Southwestern Wedding Inspiration In Turquoise And Copper

Giant Flower Wedding (It looks like the guests are tiny fairies compared to those big flowers!)


How To Make Your Instagram Feed More Lovable! (Above photos via Fall For DIY)

Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business

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13 Simply Tips On How To Let Go Of Negativity And Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

How To Become A Morning Person

♥ What to do when you feel ‘should-y’ about your business


I Like Big Bags and I Cannot Lie (above photos by Jeff Mindel via Studio DIY)

Instagrammers We Love: Cest Maria

Destination West Coast

10 Things: Being Happy Alone

The Blogcademy Mixer by Fishee Designs Photo Booth 1000 px at 72dpi 08

And last but not least could you please spare a minute to read/share/invest in our awesome friend and super supplier Fishee Designs! If you haven’t heard of this photo booth then I’m not sure where you’ve been?! It’s so much fun and the pink haired babe behind the lens is even more brilliant! She needs your help though and if you donate to her business there’s some pretty epic mermaid goodies you can get in return!

Enjoy your weekend folks! Over and out xxx


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