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March 2016




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Ah you guys! I can’t wait to share today’s awesome styled shoot with you! It features 3 of my favourite things; bright colours, geometric shapes and of course…plenty of sweet treats! The colour palette also gives a subtle nod to an Asian-fusion wedding with bright oranges, pinks and yellows! Brace yourself for a whole lot of beautiful…

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“The concept for the shoot started with a vision of bright colours, geometric shapes and touches of neon for the modern couple. Geometrics are so on trend right now and we were keen to get some fresh thinking suppliers on board who would help bring this vision to life.

The venue was the hidden gem that is the Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park. It provided us with rustic brickwork as well as clean white walls and lots of light. Being in the middle of the park was a real treat too!

Our colour palette gave a subtle nod to an Asian-fusion wedding with bright oranges, pinks and yellows. To contrast this, we included monochrome elements to keep the style current.

The cake table was put together with a “more is more” attitude with mini cakes, milk bottles from Lula & Rye and ice cream cupcakes as well as sponge cakes topped with bright, fresh flowers and a quirky gold topper from Pea Green Boat. Details included white chocolate triangles on the cake and mini cakes and lots of neon washi tape. We used Monti’s filled with fresh flowers to continue the geometric undertone and beautiful tassel garlands behind the table to really give it some drama and spruce up an otherwise plain brick wall.

The table setting was kept simple using white and grey table cloths, simple crockery and then pops of colour with big blooms in Monti vases. Knotted brought their Honey stationary range to the shoot; a bold, honeycomb pattern which looked great in monochrome hexagon shapes with touches of gold and provided contrast to the softer forms of the flowers it was styled with. The couple’s logo throughout the stationary set added a lovely personal touch.

Boom Blooms really brought life to the party with their big, bright blooms! The bold flowers set in their geometric Monti shapes were definitely the show stoppers in this shoot.

Emma Hunt’s Edith dress with it’s lace jacket allowed us to create two looks for the bride and Alexandra Wood’s dark blue 3-piece suit looked sharp with the bold button holes and bright ties. The bride’s make-up was kept classic with a contoured look and bold lipstick which also complimented the groom’s tie. We used traditional Indian jewellery in a bindi and headpiece to add a touch of fusion to her look which worked amazingly with her “Kim K” centre parted hair.”

Erika from PhotoMadly added “When Hannah and Nina first reached out to me, I was excited about collaborating with them on this shoot for several different reasons. One, I loved that Hannah and Nina wanted images with an editorial edge (which is right up my alley with fashion photography being a particular passion of mine in addition to the wedding photography) and, two, if there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s bold bright colours, and there promised to be plenty of those on this one. I was also taken with the idea of using the geometric shapes, for example in the glass pieces from Monti by Monti, as that felt fresh and modern to me. To play with that theme of the shapes and create geometric repetition in my image compositions, I made a DIY mirrored triangle to shoot through on the day, which provided a fun challenge for me and made for some unique photos.”


Venue: Pump House Gallery // Photography: PhotoMadly // Cakes: Butter Beautiful // MUA: Nina Bains // Hairstylist: Kasia Fortuna // Dress: Emma Hunt London // Tailor: Alexandra Wood Bespoke // Flowers: Boom Blooms // Stationery: We Are Knotted // Glassware: Monti by Monti // Props: Lula and Rye // Party Paraphernalia: Pea Green Boat // Models: Natasha Chowdhury & Kianos River //

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