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February 2017




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Bridal Shower Games Hen Party Bachelorette Party Watercolour 2 blog

Bridal Shower Games Hen Party Bachelorette Party Watercolour 4 Blog

If you’ve been reading Bespoke Bride for a while then you’ll remember this ‘Free Printable How Well Do You Know The Bride Game?‘ Well it was such a hit with you guys that we thought it would be fun to design a whole range of games with this pretty watercolour theme!

You can download the pack of games here! 

Within the pack you’ll find 6 different games for you to print out and let your gal pals fill in! Whether you’re using them at a hen party, a bridal shower or a bachelorette party they’ll be sure to give your girls a giggle! (Especially the porn or polish one!) So what are these games all about? Well…

Bridal Shower Games Hen Party Bachelorette Party Watercolour 2 blog

There’s the ‘Advice for the bride’ card. More of a nice little keepsake for the bride than a game, but nevertheless a great printable to pop around the tables for people to fill in at their leisure then collect at the end! We always find these are super nice to stick into a guest book along with a bunch of photos from the party!

You’ll also find bridal bingo, kinda like the classic bingo but way more inventive! Hand out the cards and get the girls to fill in the squares what gifts they think the bride will receive, then overtime she opens that gift they can cross out that square! The first to get a line wins! Maybe you could offer an intensive with a fun prize for the winner!




February 2017




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Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-64

Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-64

If you’re thinking of honeymooning in Thailand then I would highly recommend a trip to Chiang Mai to be with the elephants at The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. This sanctuary  is an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project in Thailand, with their concern about the welfare of elephants it became their mission to provide the elephants with good health, freedom and happiness that they truly deserve! I visited this place last month and I can’t even tell you what an incredible experience it was!


Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-66

I know that when many people think of Thailand they envision riding elephants, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. I am going to talk more about how goddam awful this is later on the post and why us tourists shouldn’t be supporting it but for now let’s talk about our experience with The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. They maintain a strict no riding policy and they hope that their approach will set an example which will in time lead to a transformation in elephant tourism as well as human and ethical treatment to elephants worldwide.

Their hope is to lead by example and contribute to a positive change in the perception of elephants, to witness a future where elephants are not rigged, poached, over worked or abused and are instead treated with care, love and respect. The sanctuaries are home to over sixty formerly mistreated elephants who are now free to enjoy their lives and we got to spend an entire day with them!

Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-14 Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-18

Our day started by changing into traditional Karen clothes then learning all about the elephants. For example they only sleep for 3 hours a day! SAY WHAT! Which means they have staff with them 24 hours a day taking care of them. We also learnt that Elephants eat a huge amount of food, needing to consume an average of 150kg of food each day just to survive! Larger elephants will eat much more, with some known to eat up to 300kg/day. They also need to drink a great deal of water, with some estimating that each elephant must drink 150L per day. (I struggle to drink 1 litre of water a day!)

Once we had learnt about the elephants it was time to meet and feed them! We were each giving two bunches of bananas to feed them, one banana at a time. We interacted with them, played with them and felt their skin, it was honestly the most incredible experience to see an elephant this close up! Turns out this part of the day was just their appetiser because after that we carried these huge leaves down to them and they tucked straight in!

Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-21 Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-13 Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-23Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-42

After this, we enjoyed a traditional Thai lunch with fresh fruit. Then we walked with the elephants down to a muddy reserve where we gave them a mud bath (and got pretty covered in mud ourselves!) Then we walked with them over to the river where we bathed and brushed them. It was absolutely beautiful! I honestly cannot recommend this experience enough and it’s great to know that you’re contributing to the welfare of the elephants by visiting!

*Please be aware of less than ethical imitations of this company operating under similar names in an effort to attract customers using their caring reputation that do not maintain the same standard or respectful treatment towards their animals. If booking ensure you are booking directing to the official “Elephant Jungle Sanctuary” so that you are supporting the positive change


Nowadays, elephants primarily work in the tourism and entertainment sectors. Unfortunately, very few companies treat their elephants ethically, or with the respect they deserve, instead viewing them simply as a profitable business asset. Young elephants are sometimes poached from the wild to be sold and used as novelties in hotels, or trained to perform for tourists. This practice is incredibly damaging to the population of Thai elephants, as the mother (and sometimes other females, such as the chosen ‘foster mother’) is often killed during the poaching process, and this separation greatly endangers the life and long-term health of the infant. Some estimate that as many as 70% of baby elephants currently used in tourism may have been poached from their natural habitat.

Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-48 Elephant Jungle Santuary Chang Mai Thailand Ethical Sustainable Eco-Tourism Welfare-45

Work includes tourist ridding, logging, and circus activities.

Sometimes they are made to carry people for up to 5 hours. Being forced to work in busy Thailand, slowly wears the elephants down as elephants need to cool down and be allowed to eat more then they are provided. They are hurt at these camps guides use hooks to force them to carry tourists which they hit the elephants with, causing bleeding.


Elephants are not designed to carry weight on their back. They have evolved to support a mass amount of weight suspended below their spine. Elephants spines are not like horses for instance. In order for an elephant to be ridden, it needs to be put through a ritual called Phajaan. The word “phajaan” is a ritual that is practiced in Thailand by tribes and has been around for hundreds of years. It can best be described as “Crushing” an elephants spirit. I’m not going to go into too much detail here because it’s absolutely heart breaking and frankly unbelievable that this type of torture is happening but you can read a bit more about it here. Once the tribe feel the baby elephant has had its ‘spirit broken’, it will have nothing left to do but submit, listen and learn what the masters are trying to teach it. It’s absolutely outrageous and all the for enjoyment of tourists.




February 2017




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If you’re already dreaming of the weekend then today’s DIY is for you my friend! Holly from Club Crafted is back with this super fun cocktail shaker DIY! I mean why pour your drinks from a regular shaker when you can pun it up?! Over to Holly…

I, Holly, love a good cocktail and a good pun. After starting to mess around with new cocktail recipes these last few months, I started collecting pretty shakers and there was just one thing missing…puns!

Naturally, shaking up a cocktail always makes me think of “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, so I thought it was the perfect line for making a simple punny cocktail shaker. With some colorful vinyl and my Cricut machine, this was really simple to make and adds a little humour to my drink-making.


Vinyl is a great craft supply for a variety of projects, and even though I used a cutting machine, you don’t necessarily need one. Just keep in mind it will require more work to cut with a knife. Here’s how to make a punny cocktail shaker of your own!


Plastic cocktail shaker (I purchased this small one) // Colorful vinyl // Cutting machine OR alphabet stencil with craft knife // Cricut vinyl transfer tape //


Wash and dry the shaker first.




February 2017




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Bespoke Bride Shop Homepage Stickers

Bespoke Bride Shop Homepage Stickers

BIG NEWS GUYS! For a while now we’ve been toying with the idea of launching our own section or range in the shop, and after SO many comments from you guys about asking whether you could just buy our DIYs from us instead of making them we decided it was about time we answered your request!


As you know our current shop that’s filled with wedding suppliers and their awesome work is currently being rebuilt and will be relaunched in the next couple of months filled with way more products, services and wedding industry experts! It will be a lot easier to navigate and will be even more exciting! For now though, when you click on SHOP up in the toolbar you’ll be directed to our range of DIYs that you can purchase.

Bespoke Bride Shop Homepage Gifts

In the shop you’ll find vinyl stickers as well as iron on designs you could pop on tote bags, T-shirts, eye masks, swimsuits and more! There’s also cake toppers, drink stirrers and our very popular Beyonce Lyric stickers! Eek!


So what are you waiting for?! Head on over there and check it out!!

We can’t wait to hear what you think and see more of you sharing our DIYs and projects! We’ll be constantly adding to the shop throughout the year so keep your eyes open for new designs and creations! xxx