Travel Gawker: I Want To Go To…Florence, Italy

You can ask any of my friends what food I couldn’t live without and they would all say Italian. I LIVE on pasta. I adore fresh pizza. Soft bread. Stuffed Olives. Crunchy bruschetta. Oh my, I love it all! Even my boyfriend’s friends have caught on to the obsession after noticing the amount of Italian meals James cooks for me! Seriously though, there really is nothing like Italian food. Especially when you’re eating it in Italy.

My first experience of this was in Milan. Me and my friend Meg had decided to take a spontaneous trip over there for a weekend in November and we had been recommended a cute little restaurant just around the corner from our hotel. Needless to say…we indulged! A starter of bruschetta, then I had some sort of tomato and basil pasta dish while Meg wolfed down a lobster and some tagliatelle which was shortly followed with two orders of panna cotta! The best panna cotta I have ever tasted HANDS DOWN! We were also given some limoncello to wash the whole thing down with which at the time we thought was hand sanitizer because it smelt so strong!

The next time my taste buds were tingling with pure Italian food was in Rome with James for my birthday! We ate out as much as we could from street food cooked freshly in front of us to fancy restaurants in the evening! Muscles, chorizo pizza & buffalo mozzarella & spinach tortellini were just a few of the yummy foods we sampled! It was A-MAZING.

Now, i’m sure that wherever I go in Italy the food would be insanely gorgeous and since I’ve checked off Rome & Milan from my Italian list I’m now wanting to explore more of the beautiful country. Did somebody say Florence? Hell yes! I’d love to see this pretty city rich in history.