How Does it Feel to Have to Cancel Your Wedding?


Photos by Matt Somerville Photography

We are all for getting a little personal on this blog, but today I have something really personal to share with you. It is no secret that when I first started Bespoke Bride I was engaged and planning a wedding. Me and my then- fiance had planned on getting married in May 2013, I had chosen that month as both my parents and grandparents had married then. We had decided on our celebrant and we had asked my grandmother if we could use her garden. My grandmothers house has huge sentimental value to me, my grandfather was no longer with us and as he spent so much time in this lovely garden, it somehow felt that he would be there with us to celebrate the day. As the wedding was over a year away, my uncle set about working on the garden to make sure it would at its best a year from then. I had found the dress that I wanted which my mum and dad had kindly offered to buy for me. I had bought two of my bridesmaids dress and my third bridesmaid was in the process of looking for hers. I had picked my photographer, wedding songs and theme of which we were planning on DIY’ing a lot, so really all that was left to do were invites and food.

A few months later on our holiday to Zante my fiance called everything off. I was shocked, completely numbed and I felt like my world was crashing down around me. You might wonder why I am talking about such a crazy personal experience on a blog that is full of wonderful wedding pretty everyday? Well quite simply I have found more and more people have started to ask me how I coped with it and only now do I feel fully ready to talk about it? The point of our personal posts are to help others and I am hoping that is exactly what this achieves today…