So tell me guys, what are your feelings on hair extensions? Done right, I think that you will agree they can be all kinds of beautiful however, I have seen one or two hair extension faux pas’ in my time. Recently we got to play with a few sets of extensions from Koko couture and I have to admit I have since fallen in love with them in a big way! Usually, I would only wear extensions to add length but as you have probably noticed, Jess needs no help in that department. So I wanted to experiment with new uses for them. Although long, Jess’s hair is quite fine, so I focused on using the extensions to create volume, because we all need help with a little bit of volume… right ladies?

For the first look I kinda went all out, adding not just one set of extensions, but two! The first set created volume and the second added colour! Jess has been fancying going grey ombre for some time now but has always worried about stripping the colour out of her hair, so these were perfect for her,  as she could wear them when she fancied a change and not worry about it being permanent.