Admit it, you miss the days of Easter egg hunts, I know I do! When I was younger I used to absolutely LOVE hunting for Easter eggs around the garden and trying to crack the clues! It’s no secret that I still love games now and since I don’t have any kids to create an Easter egg hunt for I thought to myself….Wouldn’t it be fun if this Easter I made a boozy adult Easter egg hunt?! And instead of chocolate I could fill the eggs with SHOTS! That’s right you heard me! Me and my sister always go out on Easter Sunday for some drinks and this seemed like the perfect drinking game for all our girls that would be coming over before!

So how does it work? Well we figured we would hide the eggs around the house & the garden, some with clues to where they could find an egg inside and others with shots of alcohol in! I went out and bought shots that already had lids on (hence no spillage) in the flavours of cherry, blueberry and apple sour! Whoever finds an egg with a shot in can then choose who has to take the shot!

The best news is I’ve designed some pretty printable egg-shaped clues that you can print out and fill in to tailer to wherever you’re hiding the eggs! Let’s get started shall we?
Plastic fillable eggs (I got these ones from Tesco) // Shots with lids in a variety of flavours // printable clue sheet // (also make sure that the shots you bought will actually fit inside the eggs!)
Print out the egg shaped clues onto white paper and fill out with clues on where you plan to hide them! Bonus points if you can make them rhyme! I’ve seen great ones like ‘Where can they be? They can’t be far, why don’t you look inside the _______’ and ‘Look outside, search a lot, somewhere near a flower _______’

Fill some of the eggs with the clues and others with the shots and then screw them shut, making sure that they’re secure.