Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Silver Linings

We couldn’t very well do a gold inspiration board without following up with a silver one now could we? Personally, I don’t wear gold so silver is right up my street and I think it looks just as classy as the gold board! Just like before, classy doesn’t mean it needs to be an extravagant and expensive affair! Silver cake pops and a little costume jewellery bling could do the trick!

Silver Lining1


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: It’s Mint To Be!

The last few weeks of Wednesday Wedding Inspiration have been wacky and wild! We featured Dr Seuss, Comic Book and even bold Geometric themes…but we know that those styles (as awesome as they are!) won’t float everyone’s boat! That’s why this week we thought we would focus on one of the most popular shades of pastel…mint.

Mint Colour Scheme

Whether you decide to go for mint green, mint blue or both, it’s clear that this colour scheme is a whole lot of pretty and fun!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: You’re Making Me Blush!

Oh baby do I love blush! It’s such a feminin and soft colour sitting pretty between the presence of bright pink and pure white. Not to mention, it’s one of the most romantic colours on the spectrum.

The best part about blush is that it goes with almost anything since it’s so neutralso if you’re thinking of adding those girlie touches to your day then a few select decor pieces in this shade of pink would work perfectly!

That’s not to say that it doesn’t work beautifully as your main choice of colour, if you want to go full throttle on the blush then you’re in the right place! We’re talking blush bridesmaids, bouquets & bows!



Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Neon Fun!

It’s looking a little dull and grey out there today isn’t it? Which is why we fancied throwing a little inspiration your way that brightens things up regardless of the weather!

How about a little neon love?

The colours that normally get overlooked and brushed as ‘tacky’ can totally work when used correctly and carefully as part of your wedding day!

Photo Credit

Let’s do it! Let’s dive into the depths of the unknown neon wilderness!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Citric Orange!

Orange. It’s a gorgeous colour isn’t it? It represents joy, sunshine and happiness; a perfect combination of things to associate your big day with! It’s citric beauty works great any time of the year and can be tied into your wedding as magnificently or as subtly as you like!

 Check out the bride who braved wearing an orange wedding dress (and wore it amazingly might we add!)

Perhaps you’d prefer to tie orange into your theme simply through the flowers or centerpieces? Whatever your thoughts on this glorious colour, prepare to be filled with wedding ideas from the inspiration board below! 


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Cherry Blossom

Today we’re bringing you an array of beautiful pink cherry blossoms for wedding inspiration! Not just using the lovely flowers as your bouquet or your center pieces, but getting really creative with them like the use of them on cakes or as patterns on favours like the fan below! 

Think about adding detail on your shoes, in your hair or even on your nails!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Lavender Love

Lavender is that one thing that splits the Bespoke Bride team in half
(OK and meat…we’re one half vegetarian here!)

Emily has a strong dislike for the smell of lavender, where as I on the other hand love it! I guess it’s the Marmite of the team if you will…

But If you just so happen to be a lavender lover then this board is for you! It’s full of purple hues & gorgeous shoes ♥