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A few weeks ago we asked you guys to take our Reader Survey and literally hundreds of you rushed in to share your opinions with us! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We cannot even tell you how helpful it is to get feedback, both good and bad and hear about what you guys are loving and what you want to see more and less of! I thought it would be fun to write this post and share some of the results with you as I’m sure you’re also intrigued to hear what your fellow readers think!

ALSO, massive congratulations to Jenny from Chesterfield! You’re the winner of all of those awesome wedding goodies!! We’ll be in touch ASAP to arrange your delivery! EEK!!

Ok, back to the results…

Are You…

Male or Female

So 94.7% of you are ladies which we totally expected, it does get rather girlie around here but a big shout out to the 5.3% of males out there reading BB!

Which of these best describes you?

Which Best Describes You

So we’ve OBVIOUSLY got a lot of bride’s to be out there but it’s also super interesting to see that member’s of the wedding party are reading, along with grooms, newly weds, DIY lovers, wedding suppliers, bloggers and just some awesome people who love Bespoke Bride! HOLLA!

Which posts do you love most from Bespoke Bride?

Favourite Posts

We clearly have 3 winners here: Real weddings, DIYs & advice pieces! We’re going to be rejigging the schedule slightly so that we include more of these features but don’t worry, we’ll still be featuring the other types of posts that you love! When asked if there were any other features you loved here that we had missed out loads of you said giveaways and competitions so we’re working on getting you guys some more freebies too!

Which DIY’s have you made from the blog?

This was a super interesting question for us because we often just put DIYs out there but never really know if you lot are actually making them, but it’s good to hear that you are! Not surprisingly you guys LOVE the free printables but you’ve also been busy making the tulle floral skirt, flower crowns, the DIY bar cart, origami hearts, cookies, this cake topper, the tattoo station and make more! Some of you guys also made your own ombre tulle skirts! (I think we’ve got some tulle lovers here right?!)

If you have not completed a DIY project from us, what were the major reasons why not?

Why have you not made DIY

Ok, we hear you, you guys are stretched for time, I’m guessing every bride is?! So we’re going to be making it our mission around here to be adding in a lot more tutorials that can be completed quickly! No access to supplies is a difficult one for us to tackle because we mostly use materials available to us in the UK but we’ll try to make more DIYs using more generic supplies that should be accessible from most places! Also it’s good to know that for those of you that haven’t made any DIYs yet one of the biggest reasons was because your wedding is too far away and you’re gonna get creating as soon as you’re ready! High five for that! Don’t forget, if you do make one of our DIYs we would love to see! Tag your photos with #BESPOKEBRIDEDIY on Instagram!

What kind of wedding DIYs would you like to see here?

DIYs youd like to see

Wowzers! You guys had lots of ideas and these are the most common ones we kept seeing so we have noted these down and can’t wait to get researching some project ideas and get creating! Some of you were super specific about the styles and types of DIYs you’d like to see here too which was also super helpful! It was really awesome to hear about all the DIYs you plan to do for your own weddings as well and we’ll be using some of those to structure our posts over the next few months too!



Best of 2015 I have to admit I am a little sad to be waving goodbye to 2015. It has been a tremendous year for us, full of exciting new projects and milestones and one or two challenges along the way. We started the year with big ideas, we wanted to continue to grow our brand and came up with a list of things we would like to achieve by the end of the year. It was June before we realised we hadn’t really even come close to achieving any of our goals and it was time to make a few changes. Fast forward 6 months and we have all but achieved one of our goals but that is a story for another time.

2015 has been the biggest year for Bespoke Bride yet and with the launch of BB boutique, 2016 promises to be even bigger. I honestly cannot wait to get started and continue growing this amazing community of ours. For now here is a look at some of the things we are most proud of…

1.We fell in love with Instagram all over again! Instagram has long been our favourite social media platform but up until this year, we never really felt like we were using it to its full advantage. As our Instagram is an attachment of our blog, we thought it only made sense to share wedding related content however, we never really felt like it was a true reflection of our brand and we were falling in love with Instagram accounts that were wonderfully curated and colourful. We longed to make ours a creative outlet and it has since been the best thing we have done. Not only has it become a place to share our own creativity but we have been introduced to the most amazing community of Instagrammers, many of which we  have since welcomed to our blog.

You can see some of their DIY’s here: Cute Edible Donut Necklaces by Aww Sam, Christmas Light Cookies by Obsessive Cookie Designer, Autumn Leaf Pinatas by Sugar & Bash, Bird Cage Veil by Wear the Canvas, Celebrate Tassel Cake Topper by Bright Bold Design, Pastel Pumpkin Cookies by Obsessive Cookie Designer, Free Printable Fruity Cards for Well Wishes by The Lovely Drawer, Floral Envelope Table Plan by The Lovely Drawer.

DIY-Watercolour-Paint-Headband-Hairband-Hair-Scarf-Tie-6 2. Meanwhile we taught you how to create a watercolour headscarf and the Mollie Makes team liked it so much they featured it on their blog too!

Festival-Wedding-Styling-with-Bespoke-Bride-Free-People-Fashion-66 3.  We had a ball collaborating with Free People to create this festival styled wedding shoot and got to work with so many fabulous wedding industry peeps.

Bespoke Bride styles the Blogcademy 4. Of all the projects we took on this year, styling the last ever Blogcademy was the most fun! We are used to styling small areas for our own DIY’s and photoshoots but never have we had to style an event. It was a challenge to say the least, but we had so much fun doing it and it has inspired us to do a little a more styling in the future. You can see more from the event here.

Emily & Matt's big news colourful engagement announcement shoot-21 5. I never imagined we would be sharing news of an engagement with you this year and I never in a million years thought it would my own, but I am over the moon that it is and I cannot wait to start sharing our wedding planning journey with you! You can read our proposal story here.

BB-Crafty-Club-Join-Now1 6. A particular highlight was launching our new subscription service, BB Crafty Club. This was one of those projects that we had been sitting on for a while and we were so excited to get it off the ground. Unfortunately after 4 months we have now decided to cancel the service as being completely honest the numbers just weren’t adding up, but the support for the boxes has been so fantastic. So we will be using this feedback to rethink the boxes and how we can improve them and they will be back with a bang in 2016!

Dominican-Republic-La-Romana-Travel-Guide-Visit-honeymoon-holiday-199 7. Jess travelled to the Dominican Republic! Actually Jess travelled quite a bit this year. Here is her Dominican Travel Guide & check out her Travel Diary to!

Santorini-Oia-Travel-Guide-Reccomendations-Honeymoon-Colourful-Place-Greece_-61 She also went to Santorini, which looked like the most beautiful vacation! Check out her Santorini Travel Guide & Video Diary here.

We also got to spend a very festive two days in Copenhagen, which we will be sharing with you in the New Year.

Rock N Roll Bride Magazine Issue 4 Bespoke Bride Ombre Tulle Skirt DIY Tutorial8. Our Ombre Tulle Skirts featured in Issue 4 of Rock N Roll Bride Magazine and we couldn’t have been anymore excited. There is just something about seeing your work in print! If you missed the magazine you can see the tutorial here.


On Working in a Partnership with Friends

Working in a Partnership with Friends

Photography by Craig Dearsley Photo

As many of you will know last month saw us celebrate our blogs 3rd birthday, so in light of that I wanted to get all warm and fuzzy and reflect on the amazing time I have had working with Jess – ‘happy Friendiversary’!

To this day I still find it quite unbelievable that three years ago, I was living a completely different life to what I am today, I was still at university, had just been made redundant and was looking to make some extra cash getting creative with eco stationery. It was around about that time I contacted my hairdressers daughter (Jess – who at that time was a start-up wedding photographer) to find out if she would be interested in taking some product shots of my stationery. She came to my house a few days later and it was on this very first meeting that I told her I had just read an interesting article about ‘blogging’ which I thought might be a great way to promote my business. To my surprise Jess had also been wanting to create a blog for her wedding photography and so naturally for fear of the unknown, we thought it would feel a lot less scary if we went on this journey together and combined our skills.

It would be much more professional for me to sit here and tell you that before deciding to go into business together we sat down and had serious discussions about the legal bits, the business bits and the money bits but in all honesty we didn’t and that is because it was never our intention to make our blog a business. It wasn’t long however until we wanted it to become more than a hobby. Blogging for us felt more fulfilling and exciting than our own individual projects. It was refreshing to be able to work on something together, as many small business owners will know, self employment can be terribly lonely sometimes and we found ourselves looking forward to the days we got to work together on our blog!