A Positively Pagan Wedding in the Czech Republic: Pavlina & Tomas

A Positively Pagan Wedding in the Czech Republic

Finding ways to incorporate all the things that make you into your wedding can sometimes be a little tricky but todays couple are living proof that it can be done, all you need is a little bit of creativity and prioritisation. Personally I think it all comes down to expectation, you have to have a strong belief in what it is you want your wedding to symbolise.

I believe there are a few things we can learn from Pavlina and Tomas today and they are to always be true to yourself, only include traditions that are important to you and incorporate loves and interests that have brought you together as a couple. Make sure you read through to the end as well as Pavlina has even more advice for you…

A Positively Pagan Wedding in the Czech Republic A Positively Pagan Wedding in the Czech Republic A Positively Pagan Wedding in the Czech Republic A Positively Pagan Wedding in the Czech Republic


A Fun Filled DIY Wedding with a Nod To Chinese Roots, Japanese Culture, Travelling & Games!


This wedding has got to be up there with one of the BEST DIY weddings I’ve ever seen!! Ken & Eliza really went to town on incorporating their own personalities into their wedding day, not only did they signify their Chinese roots but they also expressed their love for Japanese culture, gave nods to travelling the world, books and even had a ton of games for their guests; i’m talking bouncy castle, tug of war and even…painting the bride and groom! Yep you heard me, think guests with paint filled water pistols! A-mazing.



A New Orleans Second Line Wedding Parade: Samantha & Daniel

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Have you ever been to a carnival or parade and wished your wedding could be exactly the same? Well that is exactly what happened to Samantha and Daniel when they stumbled across a traditional second line parade in New Orleans. The excitement of marching through the streets with their guests and a jazz band was exactly the type of ‘wow’ factor that they were looking for to say thankyou to all their friends and family that made the long journey to celebrate with them in New Orleans. Samantha had the perfect mix of DIY mixed in with a few splurge items such as a live oil painter, who worked in each of the wedding guests into a painting that the couple now hang in their home, whilst her mum helped create a handmade brooch bouquet made up of family heirlooms.

Samantha and Daniel are the just the cutest, I can’t wait to for you to see all their gorgeous details!!!


A Latin Inspired Beach Wedding: Jessabelle & Angel


I adore every bride and groom that we feature on Bespoke Bride but every now and again there is one couple that comes along that you feel an instant connection with. Jessabelle and Angel are certainly one of those couples and they really touched my heart. Jessabelle spoke about her wedding with such passion, you can tell that every ounce of thought and love had gone into making her wedding a reflection of their love, their traditions and their roots.

I was blown away by Jessabelles determination to hold her dream wedding by the sea no matter what was thrown at her, whether it be budget or vendor cancellations, she was a real problem solver and is a brilliant example of how a little imagination can go a long way.

Last but not least it would be awfully rude of me not mention that Jessabelle and Angel were looking forward to being joined by their best man and best friends at their ceremony but at the last minute they were suddenly deployed and sadly could not make it to share the couples special day. Jessabelle spoke of how especially important it was to them that these friends although not present were remembered and supported and so they said a prayer for them at the service to honour the important part they would still play in their day.

I asked Jessabelle to tell me all about it…


A Multicoloured Travel Themed Wedding – Melissa & Pete

James Hacker Photography

Melissa and Pete held a small informal proper Bristol affair. The day was a not only a celebration of their marriage but, also marked the couples return back to the UK after two and a half years living abroad. I just love their fun sense of spirit, the colours they used were so vibrant and colourful and I could definitely image being on a warm sunny beach in Mexico despite the rainy downfalls.

Over to Melissa to tell you all about their day…

A multicoloured Travel themed wedding