So you’ve fallen in love with a headpiece, now what? You’re not sure how you want to style your hair around it whilst still showcasing it? Well worry no more because today we’re going to be sharing 3 stylish & modern ways that you can show off your wedding headband, from down tasseled curls, to crown braids and mermaid braids! The best news is we’ve teamed up with Britten who have over 20 wedding headbands available, (seriously guys, they’re insanely beautiful) prepare to swoon….




It’s no secret that I am little obsessive over the number of emoji’s I will use in any one text. If I am being honest, I would much rather use emoji’s than words. I think they do a much better job at summing up my thoughts than I can. Basically, if you could get inside my brain, there would be a whole world of emoji’s swimming around in there!

It’s also no secret that I like my sleep. I like to get a good eight hours, usually no more or less, otherwise it leaves me feeling groggy and agitated. Although, I am hugely excited that summer is on it’s way, it also brings with it, lighter nights and lighter mornings which is causing me to sleep later and wake up earlier meaning my 8 hours is slowly being reduced to 7, then 6. So I thought it was high time I got myself a sleep mask and what better than to combine with my favourite emoji with attitude!

It’s super simple to make and will be sure to help you get that much needed beauty sleep!



A sleep mask | White Iron on | Black Iron on | An Iron | Baking Paper |



DIY Paper Flower Crown Make Your Own Colourful Fun Headpiece Papercraft-14

Flower crowns are one of my favourite accessories not only when it comes to weddings but also festivals (and every day life!) whether they’re real flowers, faux flowers or paper flowers I’m seriously obsessed, and all the better when the colours are as bright and bold as this DIY flower crown we’re sharing with you today! Holly from Club Crafted is going to demonstrate how fun making a crown like this is, they would look so adorable on little flower girls or even a great craft to do at a bridal shower! Over to Holly…

DIY Paper Flower Crown Make Your Own Colourful Fun Headpiece Papercraft-12

When I, Holly, set out to make paper flower crowns, I struggled with how to make flowers that were both simple to make and that would not appear cheesy or childish. After trying out a few different flower designs, I have two styles of flowers to share (with a template!) to make this project as easy as possible for you but still feel elegant, and once put together, these flower crowns are perfect for a bridal shower project or any other type of event you want to celebrate.

I’ll warn you, making these crowns is fun but will be a long process. Just use a variety of your favorite spring colored paper and start cutting! Once all of the pieces are cut and curled, the gluing is a piece of cake. If you have a cutting machine, such as a Cricut or Silhouette, you can upload these PNG templates to cut for you. Otherwise, note that cutting by hand may take some time to cut enough flowers to fill the crown. There are two types of flowers: large individual petal flowers and smaller one-piece flowers.

DIY Paper Flower Crown Make Your Own Colourful Fun Headpiece Papercraft-13


Coloured cardstock, including green for leaves // White cardstock // Scissors // Glue gun and glue sticks // Paper flower templates //

DIY Paper Flower Crown Make Your Own Colourful Fun Headpiece Papercraft-1


If cutting by hand, print the paper flower templates in your desired size and use them as templates to cut out flowers from the colored cardstock. The one-piece flowers should be about 4 inches wide. The individual petal flowers should be about 2 inches wide for the large petals and 1.5 inch wide for the small petals (5 large, 5 small per flower).

Note, cut some petal shapes out of green paper for leaves and cut the comb-looking pieces out of a yellow or similar color to be the middles of the flowers.