Like most people, your thoughts have probably turned towards Christmas by now and your busy making gift lists for all the loved ones in your life but have you thought about your bridesmaids? With the holiday season also being the most popular time for new engagements, there might even be a chance that you’ll soon be needing a unique way to ask your gal pals to part of your bride squad in the near future? Fear not! We’ve got a perfectly unique and thoughtful way for you to do the honours. Ok, first lets talk about GoCustomized…



Doris Loves -Moustache - Temporary Tattoos

Todays post is dedicated to big kids everywhere! If you have taken a good look around BB boutique lately then you will have found a whole load of fun favours for your guests, but today we wanted to share the gifts that will transport your guests back to their childhood. Both myself and Jess are real big kids at heart and we know you guys are too, so here are some of our favourites.

1. Temporary Tattoos (£55) A Temporary Tattoo Station in a Box. This kit contains everything you need to create your own Temporary Tattoo Station, you’ll just need to add water and you’re away!!!


2. Confetti Lollipops (£13.50) Lollipops never looked so classy!

The Letter Loft Neon Wire Letters Decor Wedding Favours

3. Alphabet Letters (£19.99) Spell out your guests initials with these modern, funky typography!

Chocolate Unicorn Kisses The Whimsical Cake Company Unique Favours

4. Chocolate Unicorn Kisses (£12) Stylish and utterly delicious, these chocolate pyramids are filled with cookies and cream. Yummy!

Chocolates by The Whimsical Cake Company

5. Friendly Flump Marshmallows (£8.50) A cute gift bag crammed full of Marshmallow Flumps! Each individually hand painted with edible food colouring.



Unique & Personalised Wedding Gifts 1

I have to admit, I am not great at gift giving. I really struggle with unique ideas and I am afraid to say I am one of those people that will very often opt for the easy option of a gift voucher or cash on birthdays and Christmases. When it comes to giving wedding gifts I am no better, in fact I find it even more difficult! With so many couples having already set up home long before they married, a simple toaster or kettle is no longer a necessity. So what do you get a couple that quite literally has everything they need?

Well for those of you, who like me suck at giving gifts, read on, as I have found the answer! UncommonGoods features unique designs and handcrafted wedding gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. Any of you that have been reading this blog for long will know that these are qualities I think to be highly important which is why I wanted to share them with you today. Imagine gifting a couple a keepsake that has been completely personalised knowing that not only will it be treasured for a lifetime but was sourced responsibly and had a positive impact on the environment?

Unique & Personalised Wedding Gifts 2

A customised piece of artwork would be a great way to commemorate the moment a couples paths first crossed, maybe you could remind them of the places they have  travelled with a hand embroidered pillow, or if cooking is their thing how about a personalised chopping board? Of course we shouldn’t forget to mention that this is also a fantastic place to find gifts especially for the bride or groom. A personalised gold cuff with initials and wedding date would make the most wonderful gift to give to the bride on the morning of her wedding. A keepsake to remember for ever! These are just a few ideas for wedding gifts but if you visit their site you will find loads more!


How to Snap the Perfect Confetti Shot!

How to take the perfect confetti photograph

If you’re getting married soon and you want to capture the perfect confetti shot that has Pinterest obsessive’s swooning then you might want to bookmark this page right now! The confetti shot has to be one of the most requested photographs requested by couples and it isn’t surprising as they really are a lot of fun. There is quite a lot of skill that goes into capturing that moment, so we have teamed with Shropshire Petals who have given us their 6 top tips on capturing the perfect confetti photograph. Lets get started!

How to get the perfect confetti photograph

1. Choose the right confetti!

There are many types of confetti on the market, from paper and synthetic types to bubbles and natural petal confetti, but one for perfect confetti shots – natural petals.  Small natural petals, delphiniums and wild flowers, are light and fall delicately to the ground ensuring your photographer has plenty of time to capture the magical moment.  Remember, churches and venues love natural petal confetti.

2. Discuss with your photographer.

Discuss your confetti shot with your photographer before the big day.  Ask to see photos they have taken to give you some inspiration.  Your photographer will probably know the wedding location, ask them where they think is best to take the photo.  They will be able to discuss options with you according to the time of day, light and surroundings.