How to Snap the Perfect Confetti Shot!

How to take the perfect confetti photograph

If you’re getting married soon and you want to capture the perfect confetti shot that has Pinterest obsessive’s swooning then you might want to bookmark this page right now! The confetti shot has to be one of the most requested photographs requested by couples and it isn’t surprising as they really are a lot of fun. There is quite a lot of skill that goes into capturing that moment, so we have teamed with Shropshire Petals who have given us their 6 top tips on capturing the perfect confetti photograph. Lets get started!

How to get the perfect confetti photograph

1. Choose the right confetti!

There are many types of confetti on the market, from paper and synthetic types to bubbles and natural petal confetti, but one for perfect confetti shots – natural petals.  Small natural petals, delphiniums and wild flowers, are light and fall delicately to the ground ensuring your photographer has plenty of time to capture the magical moment.  Remember, churches and venues love natural petal confetti.

2. Discuss with your photographer.

Discuss your confetti shot with your photographer before the big day.  Ask to see photos they have taken to give you some inspiration.  Your photographer will probably know the wedding location, ask them where they think is best to take the photo.  They will be able to discuss options with you according to the time of day, light and surroundings.


Balloons Are Back! 5 Ways to Use Giant Balloons at Your Wedding


Photography by Christy Blanch Photography

The balloon once played a huge part in wedding and party decor. I have fond memories of laughing like a chipmunk as I sucked on the helium, rubbing balloons on my head to make my hair go static and the feel of nearly having a heart attack at the sound of a balloon popping  nearby. Unfortunately over the years balloons became notorious for being a bit tacky and cheap and I will admit I was one of those people that had pretty much written off the common balloon.

Since then balloons have undergone a radical makeover, they have come back, bigger, brighter and bolder and I’m not afraid to say, I LOVE THEM!! There are so many ways you can use balloons at your wedding although today we will be concentrating on those of the very large variety with a little help from Paula of The Giant Balloon Company.

Photography by Karen Massey Photography// Big Eye Photography//

1. Add Some Colour. One fun way of bringing a colour scheme to life or brightening up a neutral colour scheme is to add pops of colour with brightly coloured balloons. We recently did a shoot where we did exactly that and we were amazed at how much life the balloons injected into the theme! You needn’t go all out as we did and have balloons all colours of the rainbow, you could just choose one or two colours and this will inject lots of fun into your theme.

2. Create Cute Shots. Balloons are fabulous props when taking photos, whether just holding them or hiding behind them there is no denying balloons can transform a shot from dull to quirky in a matter of seconds. I personally think balloons are great props especially if the thought of having your photo taken makes you nervous, using a balloon as an aid does wonders for taking your mind off being photographed.

3. Fun for the Little Ones. You will be hard pushed to find a kid who is fascinated by balloons so they make great entertainment for the kids and they can even take them home with them afterwards. Actually who said balloons were just for kids, I have been know to take many a balloon home after a party!


Get Creative With Calligraphy


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Believe it or not calligraphy used to be one of my favourite hobbies. When I was kid my mum and dad bought me a calligraphy set for Christmas, I set up camp in my bedroom and practiced for hours starting first with my name, then the names of my family and eventually I would even copy passages from books. Within a week or two I had used up all my ink and my mum and dad had to buy me more. My calligraphy pen even came with me to school and I remember teachers being so impressed with my handwriting skills.

Nowadays I am little out of touch; however I still notice some of my skills creeping in when I am writing, which isn’t so often now everything is done on computer. I miss it actually, calligraphy has so much elegance and class, and it’s about time I took it up again. Only last week I was doing what I do best; browsing Pinterest, when I came across some beautiful calligraphy wedding stationery and I just had to set up a Pinterest board for all this amazing inspiration. Any who the whole reason for telling you about my obsession with calligraphy is because we may have just found the perfect company to make all of ‘our’ and of course ‘your’ calligraphy DIY’s come true!

Curated by Claire Gould of, the UK’s first quirky calligraphy starter kits have just gone on sale for absolute beginners!  They are beautifully presented and come with all the equipment and instructions you’ll need to get started. So who better to introduce to the wonderful world of calligraphy but the founder herself, Claire over to you…



Bottle Bazaar Loves You! Create Your Very Own Customised Wine Labels

Bottle Bazaar certainly knows how to get a girls attention when they sent me an email at 4:30pm on a Monday afternoon titled ‘Do You Like Wine?’. You can imagine my joy when I found out that they wanted to send me a bottle of my choosing with my very own personalised label. It was if the universe had read my mind and had decided I was in dire need of a pick me up if I was ever going to get through the rest of the week.
pt 1 Bottle Bazaar

Now I’m not much of a drinker but when I do, my drink of poison has to be a nice cold glass of Rose wine and if I can find one with a bit of a fizz to it even better. When I explained this to India from Bottle Bazaar she seemed to know instantly what would tickle my taste buds and within days I was sat with Jess getting ready for a night on the tiles, with my glass of sparkling rose Spumante in one hand and admiring the beautiful personalised label on the bottle with the other.

We were discussing how rare it is to see a personalised label as unique as this one. Often you will find them personalised with the couples name and date of the wedding or a little message but the artwork on these bottles is absolutely astounding and that is because these labels are totally bespoke. Customers can actually commission a design by one of their artists, thereby getting a label that is 100% unique to them and can match with the colour scheme or event theme.

Here is India to tell you more…


Tell us about Bottle Bazaar…


That Family Shop – Eco Friendly, Handmade, Rustic Products Made Especially for You…

As many of our readers will know, we are huge advocates of all things creative, bespoke and completely original. Today we have an absolute gem of a supplier for you, with all those qualities plus many many more. That family Shop are a small family run business that work closely together to create one of a kind items from natural materials. They selectively harvest wood from their own forest and shear the wool from their own flock of sheep for stuffing for their toys. That family shop have a goal to live with as gentle of a footstep upon our earth as is possible, to provide themselves and others with healthier and more natural options. Here is their story…

that family horses on the beach