Today we are talking about gift lists! So far this is something myself and Mr T have spoke very little about for our own wedding, but after Prezola gave me the opportunity to create my dream wedding gift list I couldn’t resist doing a bit of prior planning. My original idea was to create our ultimate…


Top 10 Alternative Wedding Gifts for the Couple That Has Everything!

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple that Has Everything with ZankyouI always struggle to think of unique and original ideas when it comes to wedding gifts for couples.

I love giving gifts and when it comes to birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries I try to put as much thought into them as possible, but wedding gifts for couples always have me stumped! In the end I usually return to the terribly unoriginal idea of money or vouchers. Whilst I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, I want to be able to give gifts that are something to remember, a reminder of their journey into wedded bliss.

So with the help of alternative gift list Zankyou, we have created this list of 10 fabulously original Wedding gift ideas. You will NEVER be stuck for ideas again!

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple that Has Everything with Zankyou1. Rent a Car for a Honeymoon or Road Trip

We have all witnessed the classic scene, just married and driving into the distance followed by a cluster of cans. What if you could drive away in your dream set of wheels completely funded by the guests who just showered you with rice and confetti? Now it’s so easy to crowd fund whatever you want. Doesn’t that beat a spare toaster and an overly expensive set of ‘his and her’ towels?

2. Contribute with a Charity Donation

In this very materialistic world that we live in, it’s easy to get carried away adding items to your gift list that you really don’t need. Maybe you would prefer your guests to donate their contributions to a charity that’s close to your heart. Many people already donate every month to a charity of their choice, so a bulk payment from your guests with wedding favours thanking them for doing so, is a lovely and selfless way of doing it.

3. Take Lessons Together

Lessons are such fun couple activity, not only will you learn something new, you may discover a new lifetime hobby that you can continue to do together? Diving, Dance, Cooking, Massage and Guitar lessons are just a few ideas of the type of lessons you could try your hand at.


5 Awesome Reasons To Use Thankful Registry!

Say whaattt a gift registry that let’s you splash your personality all over it?! That’s right my friend! You know how big we are on personality here at Bespoke Bride so i’m sure you can imagine our squeals of excitement when we stumbled across Thankful Registry! Of course we just HAD to try it out for ourselves! Thankful Registry Bespoke Bride First of all, how awesome is it that you get to upload a big header photograph of you both? Imagine your engagement shoot photos there, it would look fab! And not only is Thankful Registry super attractive looking, it’s easy to use and let’s you add gifts from wherever you like! So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you lovely readers should use this alternative registry too!

1. Add gifts from anywhere — seriously! Thankful is an “open platform” universal registry. Here’s how it works: you add gifts using the bookmarklet (which works like the Pinterest Pin) and they’ll appear on your registry like magic. It took us two seconds to install this and once we headed over to our favourite retail shops we saw how easy it was to add items to our registry!


The Wedding Gift List For The Style Savvy!

Prezola Le Creuset Multi

Wedding gifts reign supreme at Prezola! Forget the limited choices, forget the awkward discussion with guests about wanting monetary donations and you never need to worry about getting the same gift twice. At Prezola you have unlimited choices from over 100 UK retailers, the option of cash contributions towards the honeymoon you have always dreamed over and donations to a charity of your choice.

Prezola Wedding Gift list

Tell us about Prezola?

The concept behind Prezola is to bring together all the best elements of the wedding list experience in one place, and to combine this with total ease of use for the bride and groom and also for their guests.

The bride and groom can select their gifts online over a period of time, from the comfort of their own home. We don’t limit the life of a wedding list, so the couple can open the list as early as they need to and close it when they think that all the shopping has taken place!  The couple can monitor their list and add extra items at any time (guests are sometimes unexpectedly generous and it’s great to be able to ‘top up’ the list as the wedding date approaches).

Once the wedding is over, the bride and groom can then close their list and then the gifts are delivered, beautifully gift wrapped, in one go shortly afterwards.