Stylish, Intimate Family Picnic Wedding: Courtney & Cosmo

Stylish, Intimate Family Picnic Wedding (28)

I have been so excited to share this wedding with you guys today! First lets talk about this brides style! She didn’t have just one but two dresses. The first was a pretty and chic floral number and the second, a seriously sexy red dress. Next we should talk about the couples awesome choice of venue which was a very cute little library in Westminster and finally, the best part (in my opinion!) was the couples choice to ditch the normal reception ideas and head to Hyde park with family and friends instead for a picnic – perfect! Oh did I mention, this whole event was planned in just 6 weeks!!! Seriously, there is so much more I could talk about, but instead, I am going to let Courtney fill you in on the rest of the details…

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An Intimate, Handcrafted Elopement: Mari & Neil


Are you planning your wedding right now? Has the panic started to set in, things aren’t going quite the way you planned? Do you sometimes wish you could just run away together and marry with no distractions, no worries, just you and your beloved other half? Well this is exactly what Mari and Neil did and I have to admit I LOVE IT!

Faced with a tight budget and the daunting prospect of wedding planning, Mari and Neil decided this wasn’t for them, instead they eloped and promised their commitment to each other in the most beautiful surroundings, just them and a celebrant. You may think without guests and a big reception that this wedding will be lacking in detail. Well guess again, this couple were determined to add their own personalised little touches with the cutest little announcement and burlap banner I have ever seen! Not only that Mari and Neil’s outfits are so fun and quirky! You are just going to fall in love with Mari’s cute yellow sweater and gorgeous tulle skirt!!!

Mari over to you…


An Intimate Rustic Beach Wedding: Ryan & Amber

An Intimate Rustic Beach Wedding 1

Today’s stunning wedding comes all the way from the beaches of California. It has to be one of my favourite ever weddings we have featured on this blog and you will soon see why, the details of this wedding although very simple are so swoon-worthy!

Ryan and Amber chose to get married on  Stinson Beach, they opted for a small intimate ceremony with just close family and friends and the beach provided the privacy this couple so desired.

There was a huge emphasis on family in their wedding which I really loved – Amber wore her great grandmothers vintage wedding ring and Ryan’s father officiated which I think is wonderfully special. They worked very hard to create lots of personal touches with Ryan creating the stationery and favours and Amber putting together her own bouquet.

The beautiful photography was courtesy of Crystal Lynn Photography who has done the most amazing job of capturing the natural simplicity of this wedding.


A Rustic Country Wedding for Just £1500!! -Tanita & Devon

Budget Wedding under £1500

My goodness gracious me do we have a stunner for you today. Tanita and Devon must be the most thriftiest people I know.

It ‘s not often that you come across a bride and groom that have managed to spend  just under $2500 on their big day (thats about £1500, here in the UK), but that is exactly what this couple managed to do. I love how they wanted to make recycling such as large part of their day, not only is it great for our planet (huge brownie points from me!) but you can recoup some of your expenses and avoid cluttering your home with left over bits and bobs which in most cases end up in your garage growing mould and being eaten by rats.

Whats more I think Tanita and Devon have created a beautifully personalised day, everything has been thought out and built with love and then shared with family and friends. Isn’t that epitome of marriage – working hard to create something together that you get to share with others too?

On that note I will leave you with Tanita to tell you more…

A Rustic Country Wedding for Just £1500 1


A Beautiful Wedding at a Railroad Museum with A Love of Birds, Nature and Each Other

Main Image Maureen Nick

Since Maureen and Nick are both birders and budding naturalists, they knew that they just had to incorporate their love of birds and nature into their wedding day. Owl and bird details were sprinkled here and there amongst earthy textures like moss and yarn, as well as mixed in with a bit of sparkle with gold birdcages and frames! Even their cake was an ode to the beautiful live oak trees lining Savannah streets, topped of course with some fancy owls. Oh, and the whole event took place at a railroad museum! A-MAZING.



An Intimate Beach Wedding – Angela & Tyler

An Intimate Beach Wedding Featured Image

Angela and Tyler’s beach wedding is simply stunning, it will have you dreaming of long hot summers by the beach for days to come.

I love how the beautiful pinks, peaches and creams pop so well against the white sand and clear blue sea. As Angela describes the beautiful house on the beach was perfect for the intimate setting the couple had chosen and their first ‘non-look first look’ will make your heart melt.

Photographer Crystal George has done such an amazing job of capturing this couples day, the shots of the couple at sunset have really captured this couples personality and relationship with each other, they really are very touching.

Intimate Beach Wedding First Look


A Multicoloured Travel Themed Wedding – Melissa & Pete

James Hacker Photography

Melissa and Pete held a small informal proper Bristol affair. The day was a not only a celebration of their marriage but, also marked the couples return back to the UK after two and a half years living abroad. I just love their fun sense of spirit, the colours they used were so vibrant and colourful and I could definitely image being on a warm sunny beach in Mexico despite the rainy downfalls.

Over to Melissa to tell you all about their day…

A multicoloured Travel themed wedding