DIY Heart Lollipop Piñata for Valentines Day party fun pinata tutorial-10

So it’s one week to go until Valentines Day and we’ve still got some super cute DIYs to share to with you for the big day! Today we’re welcoming Patricia from Hello Eventos to the blog, she’s going to be sharing with you how you can make this ridiculously cute heart lollipop piñata! So without further ado, over to you Patricia…

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Hey! I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Patricia and I’m a party stylist and blogger at Hello Eventos in Spain. Let me tell you that I’m super glad to be on Bespoke Bride today and even more for a Valentines Day DIY piñata! As a party lover, I’m crazy for the day that we celebrate LOVE and every year I do something special for my valentine. This year I was thinking of creating a piñata and what’s better than a heart lollipop?! Heart lollipops are one of my favorite treats. I filled the piñata with lots of them and can’t wait to open it back up and share all of the candy! Let’s do it!


Cardboard (I upcycled a big box from a delivery) // A cardboard tube // Red and white crepe paper // Scissors // Glue gun // Treats and confetti // Rope or lace //


First we need to shape the heart so cut 2 cardboard hearts and 2 stripes out of your cardboard.


Hot glue the stripes to the first heart. Leave 10cm of the bottom end of one of the stripes without glue because this will be the door way for the candies. Next, hot glue the second half on top.

DIY Heart Lollipop Piñata for Valentines Day party fun pinata tutorial-12


Using your glue gun, adhere the cardboard tube to the bottom of the heart then cut the word LOVE out of the cardboard. Fix the rope or lace to the inside of the door way and attach the word LOVE at the end of the rope.



50 cakes and bakes to make valentines day

Got yourself a sweet tooth? I know I do and what better time to treat yourself to a little sugary treat that on Valentines day?! Whether you’re baking up a storm for your gal pals night in or you wanted to create something extra special for your other half, we’ve got your back with our favourite 50 sweet treats for V-Day!

1.(above) I mean, I can’t even express how awesome this heart eye emoji cake roll is from Aww Sam!

2. These macarons from Sugar & Cloth are making all of our ombre dreams come true!

3. Did somebody say Valentine’s chocolate shot glasses?! Via The Bewitchin Kitchen.

4. Why just have conversation hearts when you can have conversation heart donuts?! Via Aww Sam.

5. How sweet is this heart shape rose tart recipe over on Brit & Co?!

6. I love how pretty and colourful these watercolour heart cookies are via The Sweet Escape!

7. Express your feelings with these chocolate letterings via Brit & Co, bonus points for topping them on a waffle!

8. Who could resist these heart throb cookies via Aww Sam?! I’d be grabbing Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto for myself!

9. Aww Sam also created this adorable best friends forever necklace cake!

10. For something similar but still oh so cute why not make a batch of Valentines sugar cookies in pretty pastel colours? Via Alice & Lois.



DIY Conversation heart cakes for valentines day recipe

Happy Friday guys! I’m so excited to introduce you to one of our guest DIYers and a super cute conversation heart cake tutorial today! Since me and Emily aren’t the best at baking we felt it would be better if we handed you over to Holly from Club Crafted for this adorable tutorial just in time for Valentines Day….

Hi there! I, Holly, am really only into Valentine’s Day for the treats. Sorry boys, but dessert is still the way to my heart, and whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girl gang or with your S.O., these fun conversation heart cakes are the perfect way to celebrate the day of love.

DIY Conversation heart cakes for valentines day recipe-2

Based on the classic conversation heart candies, these mini cakes can be customized with your favorite little sayings. Display them for a party, make them for your friends or make them for simply indulging on Valentine’s Day! Using any recipe you’d like with mini heart pans, spread pastel colored icing all over the cake and write words on them with red gel icing to create cakes that look just like the conversation hearts we all know and love. Here’s how to make them!


Your favourite cake recipe* // Your favourite white frosting recipe // 4-inch heart springform pans // Cake level or knife // 6-inch cake boards // Gel food colouring // Angled spatula // Red gel icing //

*Note, a recipe for 24 cupcakes will make approximately 6 mini heart cakes.


First, choose your flavor! I thought it was appropriate to make red velvet cake with a smooth cream cheese frosting for these themed cakes. You can use any combination as look as the frosting is light enough to be dyed a pastel color. Then, preheat your oven to the necessary setting, usually 350 degrees.


Spray the heart springform pans with cooking spray and set aside. Prepare the cake batter according to the recipe instructions and divide the batter between the pans so that each is about ½ full. You may need to bake in batches depending upon how many cake pans you have.

DIY Conversation heart cakes for valentines day recipe-5


Place the pans on top of a standard baking sheet. This makes them easier to move into and out of the oven. Baking times will vary according to the recipe. Bake for approximately the time of a batch of cupcakes and check often, increasing time as needed until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.




I know what you’re thinking…an ice bucket DIY in January? Has she gone nuts? Well let me tell you, no I have not. Cold drinks are required all year round and they’re even better when served in the prettiest ice bucket you’ve ever seen!

diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-19 diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-9

You can easily make this emoji heart ice bucket just in time for Valentines Day to make sure that you’re serving your drinks in style and the best news is it takes less than an hour to create!

Or if you would prefer, get the emoji heart stickers here!

Emoji Heart Stickers Button


A pink ice bucket (or a normal ice bucket, I just spray painted this one with Rustoleum’s candy pink) // Dark pink vinyl // yellow vinyl // transfer tape // A cricut explore (or you can cut the stencil’s out free hand if you don’t have one, they just won’t be as perfect) // Emoji Heart Template 1 // Emoji Heart Template 2 //


Upload the heart templates to the Cricut Design Space and resize to the size you want, I made my heart 2.2 inches wide to fit my ice bucket and then I adjusted the size of the yellow sparkles to match. You’ll then want to duplicate the shapes as many times as you require to cover your ice bucket. I ended up having 21 hearts in total.

diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-3 diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-6 diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-1


Start by placing your pink vinyl onto your sticky mat and load into the machine, set your Cricit to cut vinyl and hit that go button!


Once your machine has finished cutting out all of the pink hearts, repeat step two with your yellow vinyl and allow it to cut out all of the sparkles.

diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-11 diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-8 diy-emoji-heart-ice-bucket-valentines-day-drinks-cooler-cute-pink-tutorial_-20



Conversation Heart Tote Bags DIY Valentines Gift Bridesmaid Presents Cricut Explore

Here we go again with our geometric twists! We just can’t help ourselves, you know how much we love it, plus we think it adds a nice modern touch to these conversation heart tote bags! How cute would these be for a valentines gift? Or even how about making them for your bridesmaids and filling them with goodies?! Making them couldn’t be easier either, all you’ll need is…

Tote Bags // An Iron // Cricut Iron on in Red // Cricut Iron on in Yellow // Cricut Iron on in Blue // Cricut Iron on in Pink // Cricut Explore //

If you don’t have a Cricut then fret not my lovelies, you can still make this easy peasy DIY! Simply download the pink heart template, blue heart template & yellow heart template and grab the following items…

Printable Iron on paper // Tote bags // An iron //

Conversation Heart Tote Bags DIY Valentines Gift Bridesmaid Presents Tutorial-2If you’re creating these bags without a Cricut all you’ll need to do is print off those templates onto A4 iron on paper then iron the designs onto your tote bags! Simple! If you’re planning on creating these using your Cricut then read on…

STEP 1: The first step is to download our geometric heart shape here and upload it to the Cricut Design Space. We sized ours 9 and a half inches wide.



Geometric Heart Cake Toppers DIY Fun Colourful Cricut Cupcakes Valentines

Woo hoo we are so excited to share our first ‘Month of Hearts’ DIY with you today! These cake toppers are made from card and are so ridiculously easy and quick to make that anyone could do it. Of course  we couldn’t help but make ours as bright as possible but if bold isn’t your thing these can be customised to match any colour of your choosing!

You Will Need: Cardstock// *Cricut Explore & Cutting Mat//

*If you do not own a Cricut Explore, you will still be able to create this DIY, you will just need a few more tools and a bit more time, as paper cutting by hand is a little more laborious. For this you will need… Scalpel// Cutting Mat// Pencil// Printer// Tracing Paper// Metal Ruler//

Geometric Heart Cake Toppers DIY Fun Colourful Cricut Cupcakes Valentines-4