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Christmas is my favourite time of year, hands down! I just absolutely love that festive feeling and since we’ve officially hit December I’ll be putting up my decorations any day now! As you guys know I love to personalise things whether it’s presents, decorations or cards, you name it and I want to make it personal somehow! So, you can imagine my delight when Zazzle showed me their Christmas card range where you can upload beautiful photos to some seriously cute designs!! Imagine how awesome wedding photos would look on these cards?! And the best part is the designs aren’t cheesy or tacky like so many photo upload card services, they are seriously beautiful you guys, and there is literally hundreds of designs to choose from!! Here’s a few of my favourite ideas…

Wedding Christmas Cards Zazzle personalised photo upload bright colourful modern-8


If like us, you love a splash of colour then make sure you show it with your crimbo cards! There’s plenty of eye catching patterns to combine with your photos and bright Christmas texts to choose from too! I mean if you’re going to send a card saying ‘merry and bright’ then you’re gonna want a lot of merry and splash of bright on the design too!



Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke Finished Result-2

When I was a little girl I was convinced I wanted to grow up and be a fashion designer, I would draw pages and pages of shoe designs and extravagant gowns in notepads. As I grew older I stopped doing that but my dream of being able to design something unique for myself remained. Do you ever feel like that? I love the idea of having something truly special to you, exactly how you envisioned it and that’s hands down how I would want to feel about pieces for my wedding….ESPECIALLY my shoes!!

Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke Finished Result-7 Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke Finished Result-3

Well, the good news is you can so totally do that!! Me and Emily both had the amazing opportunity to head to Upper Street again and experience this entire design process.

So how does it work? Well you have a couple of choices, you can either design your shoes online through their website or you can book an appointment at the shoe lounge and make a real treat of it! You could even take your bridesmaids along with you for a totally girly afternoon! Once we arrived at the shoe lounge we were treated to tea and macarons while we perused through the hundreds of different options to available to us!

Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke-3 Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke-4 Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke-19 Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke-16 Design your own wedding shoes Upper Street Shoes Personalised Unique Bespoke-17

The first thing we had to decide was the style of shoe we wanted, did we want a sandal? A boot? A court shoe? A ballet flat? And how big did we want the heel if any? And what style heel? After much deliberation I decided to go for a boot with a stiletto heel and Emily went for a sandal with a block heel. Next we had to decide on colours. This was the hardest part because our stylist, Lizzie pulled out hundreds of shades of colours AND materials to choose from. We had to decide what part of the shoe we wanted them on, the colour of the heel, what colour would the insole be. There were so many little touches that just made the shoes even more perfect!


Win Your Very Own Stylish Wedding Props With Aisle Hire It!

Aisle Hire It Giant Illuminated Letters

All Images by Saz Chapman Photography

To kick off the New Year in style we are partnering with ‘Aisle Hire It to bring BB readers a very special giveaway! Not one but TWO lucky readers will win their own giant illuminated letters – The first will receive the iconic ‘LOVE’ lights and ‘Love arch’, whilst the second will win their own giant initials and ampersand e.g. E & A, which will be tailored and guaranteed to add a unique touch along with two 6ft Blossom Trees.

Aisle Hire It - Love Arch

Aisle Hire It! is only 6 months old but is already home to an EPIC collection of giant illuminated letters, LOVE lights, giant retro love hearts, quirky & cool props, and different styling pieces to inject some fun and luxe into any wedding. Owners & stylists, Ellis, Marcus & Jo Walby are not only a close family team, but also have a strong background in professional event organisation, fine art, carpentry, construction & mechanics, and bespoke design between them. 

If you’re looking for regular decoration items, such as chair covers – you’ve come to the wrong place. With giant illuminated 4.6ft alphabet, and 6ft luxe blossom trees, to a beautifully hand painted retro fairground game collection that’s launching next month, they really can help transform any wedding or event in an eccentric but elegant Aisle Hire It way! 

They have been featured in numerous publications such as Cotswold Bride Magazine, Your South Wales Magazine, ELLIS Wedding Magazine – and here on Bespoke Bride (Their fave blog of course!!)

To enter all you need to do is…
1) Head on over to Facebook and ‘Like’ the ‘Aisle Hire It – Letter Lights & Prop Hire’ Facebook page 
2) Then send them an email to with your full names, date of wedding and chosen wedding venue.
3) You can also double your chances of winning or enter twice by sharing the ‘WIN’ competition image that is posted & pinned at the top of their Facebook page.

Be sure to check back on February 1st at 9pm on their Facebook page, where they will be announcing their winners!


Give Your Wedding Some Balls! Meet Jez Felwick of The Bowler +Try His Free Secret Ball Recipe!

The Bowler, Lawn Ranger, Weddings and Events, Jez Felwick, Cookbook

Do you know that I have never eaten a ball in my life…? Ahem I mean a meatball… you and your dirty minds! Well I haven’t, probably because I am vegetarian and I have never found a vegetarian meatball, but today all that is going to change, as I am thrilled to be sharing a delicious Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese ball recipe from the king of balls himself Jez Felwick. Otherwise known as The Bowler, delivering gourmet meatballs, fish balls and veg balls from his beloved Lawn Ranger, his grass-fed van, Jez has recently celebrated the launch of his first book, The Bowlers Meatball Cookbook, which has a fascinating range of seasoned ball recipes and has been making appearances at weddings and events throughout the UK.

I was over the moon at being able to interview him and highly recommend you take a look at his book, try the recipe and book him for any weddings or events you have coming up – Go on I dare you, play with some balls!!

The Bowler, Lawn Ranger, Weddings and Events, Jez Felwick, Cookbook


So You Want to Lose Weight For Your Wedding? Read this First!


It is that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, it is a month for pure indulgence. Before you know it, the New Year is here and without a second thought you are making resolutions for a healthier, fitter, leaner new you for the New Year. Within weeks I will have failed and I will back to periodic spats of dieting and clean eating but nothing lasts forever.

Weight loss is something scarcely discussed here as I know all too well how much pressure there is on women to feel as though they need to lose weight and it can really get you down. I did once write a post asking our readers whether they thought losing weight for a wedding was a good or bad idea?. I was quite surprised by the response as I thought it would be very divided, yet the general consensus was that a wedding is great motivation for getting your butt into shape, but the choice to get healthy and lose weight should be more about making a life change and building confidence, rather than just about losing weight for a special event.

We would never want the women that come here to feel pressured into losing weight, instead we want to provide women with the information they will need to build confidence should they need it and if they do decide to journey into weight loss, then we will provide the information needed to undertake it safely and responsibly. That is where Mirinda Fleur from Body Meet Bride Comes in…


Mirinda is a nutritionist, trainer and coach on an incredible journey, empowering women to become their healthiest, happiest and most confident, through education, positivity, balance, and of course endless support and we have asked her to share her story with you.

“Since I was a teenager I had been interested in health, diet and fitness but I 100% did not know the right way to go about it and got so confused by all the info and health gimmicks out there, it can be overwhelming! I could go into details of some health issues I had regarding my thyroid, my unrealistic expectations etc but you’re a girl you get it 😉

It was when I decided to see a Naturopath for a detox program that I fell in love with the world of alternative medicine, I remember feeling that ‘Uh Huh’ moment of things just starting to make sense and realized this is the world I want to be in (I was studying Fashion Marketing at the time so quite a change!) Literally within a month I had enrolled into Nutrition College and I never looked back! I am now a certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and have just enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training, Yippeee! The learning never stops and I love exposing myself to new knowledge to share and inspire my brides to be.

 A few quick “fun facts” about me:

 I love food…and I mean all food, I don’t have a “perfect” diet all the time, I eat chocolate, I eat pizza and I enjoy every bite (to me health is about balance and been “naughty” sometimes is totally ok!)

 I did Zumba for the first time this year (shocking it took me this long to build up the courage to go!) and I’m addicted, it seriously boosts your confidence, gets you sweating & is just insanely fun, I highly suggest grabbing your girlfriend and going!

I have a 5 month old Chihuahua named Beefy (my boyfriend named her!) who is incredibly entertaining & loving!

My top 3 favourite foods are sweet potatoes, pomegranates & chocolate covered almonds 😉

About Body meet Bride

During my Health Coaching studies I was exposed to the amazing opportunities that online business brings, and the possibility of been able to help people from anywhere was so exciting!

Body meet Bride honestly came to me quite randomly!!! I knew I wanted to work with women to help them find a healthy balance, build confidence, feel strong, empower them with knowledge and help them learn to live a healthy happy life. As a woman I know most brides to be want & need these things for their big day but also long after! I thought reaching out to brides would be a great way to help women who might not usually invest in themselves and who finally had the perfect motivation to treat themselves to finding their health!

The philosophy of Body meet Bride is a stress free, holistic, realistic, educational approach to achieving your goals. This program is about empowering yourself whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get clearer skin or more energy; anything is possible.

Every woman deserves to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day but I also believe every woman deserves to feel that way every day too and it is my wish that Body meet Bride will give women the knowledge and tools to achieve both!


Top 10 Alternative Wedding Gifts for the Couple That Has Everything!

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple that Has Everything with ZankyouI always struggle to think of unique and original ideas when it comes to wedding gifts for couples.

I love giving gifts and when it comes to birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries I try to put as much thought into them as possible, but wedding gifts for couples always have me stumped! In the end I usually return to the terribly unoriginal idea of money or vouchers. Whilst I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, I want to be able to give gifts that are something to remember, a reminder of their journey into wedded bliss.

So with the help of alternative gift list Zankyou, we have created this list of 10 fabulously original Wedding gift ideas. You will NEVER be stuck for ideas again!

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple that Has Everything with Zankyou1. Rent a Car for a Honeymoon or Road Trip

We have all witnessed the classic scene, just married and driving into the distance followed by a cluster of cans. What if you could drive away in your dream set of wheels completely funded by the guests who just showered you with rice and confetti? Now it’s so easy to crowd fund whatever you want. Doesn’t that beat a spare toaster and an overly expensive set of ‘his and her’ towels?

2. Contribute with a Charity Donation

In this very materialistic world that we live in, it’s easy to get carried away adding items to your gift list that you really don’t need. Maybe you would prefer your guests to donate their contributions to a charity that’s close to your heart. Many people already donate every month to a charity of their choice, so a bulk payment from your guests with wedding favours thanking them for doing so, is a lovely and selfless way of doing it.

3. Take Lessons Together

Lessons are such fun couple activity, not only will you learn something new, you may discover a new lifetime hobby that you can continue to do together? Diving, Dance, Cooking, Massage and Guitar lessons are just a few ideas of the type of lessons you could try your hand at.


5 Simple Steps to Designing a Customised Engagement Ring!

The Diamond Ring Company

I just love the thought of having my own customised engagement ring. The thought of wearing something that was designed especially for you with your personality and taste in mind is beautiful! However commissioning your very own bespoke design can seem overwhelming so we have created this guide to make your experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The Diamond Ring Company

Decide on Your Budget

I always feel uncomfortable when I hear people claiming that the ideal cost of an engagement ring should be at least one to two months’ salary. Personally I think this should be balanced against what you can afford, just remember this will be a ring that will be most likely be worn for many years to come so be sure to choose quality as well as personal taste.

Do Your Research

Find a business such as The Diamond Ring Company that specialise in bespoke ring design and arrange to speak with one of their specialists about your design concept and budget. In order to receive an accurate quotation you need to be able to tell them as much as possible about your ring design so it is time to get researching.

Take a look at the jewellery that your partner already owns. Do they prefer small and dainty pieces, maybe they have a thing for vintage or perhaps they like to go bold with costume jewellery? Having an idea of the type of the jewellery they already wear will help you to focus your design when it comes to drafting your prototype. Keep any images of rings that you like and in some cases your partner may have also dropped subtle hints in the past. You might also want to think about chatting with their closest pals too, friends are a great at extracting important information such as ring size and style. Are they are on pinterest? See if you can find a ‘Ring or Jewellery board’ you will be surprised what you can find out about a person from their pinterest boards. Use the information you find to start sketching your ideas, if sketching isn’t your thing create a mood board. It is important that you are clear about your requirements when it comes to chatting with the specialists.


Great Gifts For Your Groomsmen PLUS Free Printable!

Cute n Crafty Groomsmen Gift Socks-4

I don’t know about you, but I can find men incredibly difficult to buy for! Something that always remains a great find though are socks! They ALWAYS need them and my other half seems to have a drawer filled with holey socks (do they ever throw them away?!) Now as lovely as it is to give your guys new socks, this is Bespoke Bride after all and you know how we love to put personal spins on the normal gifts! This is why Cute n Crafty offer the perfect products for gifting your grooms or groomsmen! Not only do they offer beautiful & comfortable socks but they create these fun & quirky labels that wrap around them!

Cute n Crafty Groomsmen Gift Socks-8 Cute n Crafty Groomsmen Gift Socks-2

The labels range from fun quotes about your groom getting cold feet to asking your guys to be groomsmen and there are even thank you labels to give them after the wedding! How awesome is that?!


“I Love Weddings!” – 5 Reasons You Should Book Emily Johnson Photography!

Emily Johnson Photography

We are always on the lookout for new wedding businesses and talent here at Bespoke Bride, so you can imagine how delighted we were to be introduced to a fantastic emerging photographer, Emily Johnson photography. We spent some time chatting to her about photography, grilling her about her approach, creativity and style and we loved her so much that we thought it only right to introduce you. So we invited her to share with you the top 5 reasons you should book her as your wedding photographer!

Emily’s first point is particularly pertinent as you may have noticed that we are heavily into detail on this blog but that doesn’t mean we don’t notice the special moments! For us it is the photos that show couples tearing up with joy as they say their vows, the moment the father of the bride embraces his daughter with pride, the hugs, the laughter and the pure excitement that really make a wedding special. This is what makes Emily’s approach to wedding photography right up our street! Please give her a warm welcome…

Emily Johnson Photography

Here is what she had to say:

1. I Love the Special Little Moments!

My approach to wedding photography is incredibly informal. I like to document the story of your day as it unfolds. I am always looking for little moments. Whether that be your Granny making last minute alterations to your dress or the look in your Dad’s eyes as he walks you down the aisle. I love real moments, genuine expressions and my hope is that each and every client will have an honest narrative of their day.

2. I Love Getting To Know You!

I make a genuine effort to get to know each and every one of my couples before the big day. I think this really helps us have a laugh and get those genuine shots. There is nothing better than getting to know one another over a cup of tea and a piece of cake!