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wedding photo shoot in Dublin
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The team at Art Wedding Photography believes every wedding is a unique story waiting to be told. Think of them as your friendly narrators, capturing those genuine, fun, and emotional moments that make your day so special.

They’re all about keeping things simple and relaxed. From that first nervous giggle to the last dance of the night, they’re right there with you, making sure every candid moment is caught beautifully. Their style is all about letting the day flow, capturing the essence of your love and the joy of your celebration.

Photographer: Caroline

Caroline is not just any wedding photographer based in Ireland; she’s a storyteller with a lens. Couples consistently rave about their experiences with her, and it’s easy to see why. Caroline’s documentary style of capturing weddings is infused with her artistic flair, making every photograph a masterpiece.

What sets Caroline apart? It’s her innate ability to find the beauty in every moment, the joy in every tear, and the emotion in every smile. She has a unique knack for spotting those fleeting, important moments that others might miss. With Caroline behind the camera, you can truly relax and enjoy your special day, knowing she’s there to document every laugh, tear, and dance.

Her photography style is a harmonious blend of candid captures, warm hues, and boho vibes, perfectly reflecting the essence of every couple and family she works with. Beyond weddings, Caroline’s expertise extends to family and lifestyle photography, always ensuring that the essence of the moment is at the forefront.

If you’re seeking a wedding photographer who can seamlessly merge the documentary wedding approach with a touch of artistry, Caroline is the one. Don’t just take our word for it; check her availability and let her work speak for itself. With Caroline, you’re not just getting photos; you’re getting memories that will last a lifetime.

Photographer: Sebastian

Wedding photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s about capturing the essence of emotions and preserving memories for years to come. In Dublin and throughout Ireland, with its breathtaking landscapes and romantic venues, Sebastian has found both a home and a canvas for his art. This enchanting country offers a backdrop like no other, and as a wedding photographer in Dublin, he considers himself fortunate to work amidst such beauty.