Home DIY: How To Make A 2014 Memory Jar

Memory 2014 Jar Final

Last year my sister decided she was going to keep a memory jar for 2013 and every time something amazing or great happened she would write it down on a small piece of paper and pop it into the jar! Then, on new years eve she would read back over all of the awesome things that happened in 2013! I absolutely LOVE this idea and think it’s such a nice project throughout the year and something exciting to look forward to on the very last day! So, i decided for 2014 I would do the same thing and I encourage you to do it too!

First of all though, we need to make ourselves a pretty little jar that we can proudly present on a shelf! For this, you will need:

An empty & washed jar  A sharpie (or stick on letters)  Very thick card  Craft paint A paintbrush  Sequins  All purpose glue  Coloured or patterned card  Stanley knife

Got it all? Ok, let’s do this!


Off The Record: Pasties, Partying & Positive Thoughts for 2014!

Instagram 5th Jan

It’s the first Sunday of 2014 and a bloody good one at that! My mum is cooking up a delicious roast dinner this afternoon and then we’re going to be heading up to see my Nan who turns 90 today! 90 years old, what a hero! Her secret? Eating right. Her whole life my Nan and Grandad (who’s 91 by the way!) have home grown their vegetables, drank lots of water and never ate anything processed or stuffed with preservatives in their life. Makes you think doesn’t it. Thinking about all of this actually couldn’t have come at a better time either since me & Em are going to be attending a better living and feel good workshop taught by the fabulous Jayne Rusby of She Is The Resolution on Saturday. It’s called She Is Wild, check it out here!! We’re super, super, super excited to start treating our bodies and minds better! (I’m literally writing this as I’m slurping down an energy drink and tucking into a bag of crisps too! DAMMIT JESSICA)

Here’s what else we’ve been getting up to this week…

Jess Loves…

 Meeting up with Sophie from Crown & Glory and Emily Fisher from Fishee Designs for lunch!! I love how we all have such flexible schedules that we can do things like this. Ladies who lunch rock!! I also feel incredibly blessed to have such awesome friends in the industry who are there to help me & Em out with any business ideas or problems we have, it’s so good to be able to hash it all out and throw ideas around together! Such an inspiration! The restaurant was pretty dam awesome too, it was called Banco Lounge in Bristol!

 Road trip songs. Each pick a song and take it in turns to surprise the rest of the car with your selection (cheers Spotify!) There was a lot of bohemian rhapsody, backstreet boys and maybe even a little bit of Mmmbop by Hanson! Totally epic feel good, sing a long songs….for 4 hours. Ha!

 Spending New Years Eve in Cornwall! I had actually never been to Cornwall before but really loved it down there! It was also really nice too to not go out for new year, we had 12 of us all stay in with tons of booze, games and good music. It was perfect.


Wedding Suit Trends for 2014

2014 Wedding Suit Trends

Ok…I’m going to be honest with you here, me and Emily really do not know a lot about suits other the fact that they look gorgeous on men so we thought we better hand this post over to someone who knows what he’s talking about! Marc from Jack Bunneys has kindly gave over his 2014 trends and predictions for the new year and we love every single one of them!! Take it away Marc…

“2013 has been a pretty incredible year for weddings! The industry had predicted a slump in the quantity of weddings for 2013, due to the supposed un-lucky connotations of the number ’13’. I don’t know the figures for 2013, maybe they are down, and maybe less people did actually get married in 2013, maybe. I don’t really care.

The reason I don’t care whether there has been more or less weddings in 2013, is that the wedding industry in the U.K. is riding high, filled with creativity, energy and the spirit of adventure! So we have seen all sorts of amazing boundary pushing, which is incredible, refreshing and invigorating for the industry, but where do we go in 2014?

Well, as far as our little corner of the wedding world goes, we have to go backwards to go forwards. We have to take inspiration from the past. I am not advocating period costume or even the umbrella notion of ‘Vintage’ but rather actual inspiration from some of the golden era of men’s clothing. Inspired by but not replicated, a mode of dress, not actual dressing up.