Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Arabian Nights

Last week while I was writing my post on what I would do if I was in New York I decided I would get all cliche and watch the Sex And The City movie at the same time, however I couldn’t find the first one in my ridiculous DVD collection so I dug out the second one! You know the one where the girls go to Abu Dhabi, well, you know you’re becoming  a little obsessed with styling when you start taking note of the decor over the story line! I just couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous colours and Arabian schemes! Then, bingo…you guessed it! I got all inspired to create an Arabian Nights inspiration board. (classic Gemini trait of getting distracted by other ideas too easily!)

Arabian Nights

Arabian schemes tend to feature an array of colours but the ones that were most striking to me were the golds, dark purples and splashes of orange! See for yourself…