Do you guys ever make your own advent calendars? I make one every year for my other half and always love finding creative ways to wrap up or display the little presents! Last year I made a bunch of different sized boxes to open and the year before I wrapped them up in festive fabric and hung them along a branch!

diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-2 diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-12 diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-19

I haven’t quite decided what to do this year yet but we thought it would be fun to share a DIY advent calendar with you all that’s really really easy to make and not to mention, ridiculously cheap! To recreate this pastel Christmas tree advent calendar here’s what you’ll need!



Pastel card // Vinyl (or sticker numbers) // Craft Glue // *A Cricut Explore //A bunch of chocolates and goodies to fill them calendar with! // Tree Template //

*If you don’t have a Cricut Explore then not too worry, simply print the template out onto card and cut out the shapes and score by hand!


If you’re using a Cricut then open up the Cricut Design space and upload the above pyramid template. You’ll need to add in score lines where the dashed lines are so that the machine knows where to score.

diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-32 diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-37 diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-40


Next you’ll need to duplicate that shape 25 times! We then resized some of these, making some larger and some smaller so that the calendar looks more interesting when all the tress are placed together!


Next hit go on your Cricut machine and load in your pastel card! You’ll want to make sure that your scoring stylus is in too so that the machine can score where it needs to for you!

diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-35 diy-advent-calendar-christmas-tree-pyramid-modern-colourful-handmade-cricut-card-sweets-candy-chocolate-6


Christmas DIY: How To Make An Envelope Advent Calendar

DIY How To Make A Christmas Advent Calendar with Envelopes Main

Holidays are coming….Holidays are coming….Super excited for Christmas this year! (I’m totally excited every year to be honest!) I can think of no better way to welcome in December than with an advent Calendar! Sure, you could buy those easy advent calendars from the super market with those tiny little chocolates in….OR you could make this awesome calendar and fill it with personal notes, treats and even date nights for your other half! It also couldn’t be easier and makes such a nice personal additional to a room!

You will need:

 A canvas (whatever size you choose)  Christmas spirit  ♥ A selection of cards in festive patterns  Scissors   All purpose glue   1 Long piece of ribbon  White Card ♥  Sharpie ♥ Optional mini red bows  Contents to fill the advent calendar with; chocolates, notes, sweets, mini presents, etc

DIY How To Make A Christmas Advent Calendar with Envelopes-1

Step 1: Cut a piece of the festive card into a square, this can be any size you like because we’re going to vary all the different sizes of the envelopes! This particular piece if 8cm by 8cm.

DIY How To Make A Christmas Advent Calendar with Envelopes-2

Step 2: Fold 2 of the corners in until their corners touch in the middle of the square.