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If you’ve been reading Bespoke Bride for a while then you’ll remember this ‘Free Printable How Well Do You Know The Bride Game?‘ Well it was such a hit with you guys that we thought it would be fun to design a whole range of games with this pretty watercolour theme!

You can download the pack of games here! 

Within the pack you’ll find 6 different games for you to print out and let your gal pals fill in! Whether you’re using them at a hen party, a bridal shower or a bachelorette party they’ll be sure to give your girls a giggle! (Especially the porn or polish one!) So what are these games all about? Well…

Bridal Shower Games Hen Party Bachelorette Party Watercolour 2 blog

There’s the ‘Advice for the bride’ card. More of a nice little keepsake for the bride than a game, but nevertheless a great printable to pop around the tables for people to fill in at their leisure then collect at the end! We always find these are super nice to stick into a guest book along with a bunch of photos from the party!

You’ll also find bridal bingo, kinda like the classic bingo but way more inventive! Hand out the cards and get the girls to fill in the squares what gifts they think the bride will receive, then overtime she opens that gift they can cross out that square! The first to get a line wins! Maybe you could offer an intensive with a fun prize for the winner!