A lot of newlyweds say to us that once their wedding was over they felt a little sad that they didn’t have any more projects to get stuck into and this made us think about all the just married DIYs that could be made once you’ve tied the knot to keep the spirit of your special day going! Say hello to the just married door mat! It’s the perfect way to let the world know that you’re celebrating and is a super fun and easy craft that you can make after your wedding! If you like, you could even make it before hand and have it ready, or I love the idea of one of the bridesmaids making one and surprising the bride and groom with it once they get home! How cute would that be?! Here’s how to make your own…

A door mat // Spraint paint in the colours of your choice (we used Rustoleum Candy Pink and Rustoleum Berry Pink) // Rustoleum Crystal Clear Protective Coat // A Cricut machine* // Just Married Template** // Cardstock // tape // newspaper //

*If you don’t have a Cricut then fret not! You can still create the DIY, you’ll just need to draw the stencil onto card using a ruler and pencil, then cut out the pieces using a stanley knife

**We’ve included the Just Married template above, but if you’re using a bigger size mat (like me) you’ll probably need to cut out the ‘JUST’ first on one piece of card, followed by ‘MAR’ and then ‘RIED’ also on separate pieces of card. The templates for these are here: ‘JUST’ , ‘MAR’ , ‘RIED’

Either upload the templates to the Cricut design space and set your machine to cut out the card stock or as said above, cut out the stencils by free hand.
Once everything is cut out you’ll want to tape the templates down to the mat, making sure that they’re secure. I used double sided tape to stick the middle of the A’s, D’s, etc down.