Want To Survive in Business? You Need Passion and Balls!!

Photography Credit: Martina Capodanno of PHOTOSTORIES
In the last year I have gone from being a student studying animal biology and ecology at university to a full time wedding blogger, so it has been somewhat of a whirlwind. It hasn’t been easy, as a student I was skint, so going from student to blogger meant I got even more skint. I have had some tough times, being weeks behind on rent, having red letters come through the door and one point thought I was going to have to sell my car just to get food in the house. I am constantly asked why I don’t just go and get a job in the same field as my degree and whilst part of me always thinks why the hell don’t I? The other half is constantly reminding me that I decided to take this leap of faith when I finished uni, because I completely believed in Bespoke Bride and I completely believed in both myself and Jess. My reason for not getting a job as soon as I left uni was that I have seen how tiring holding down a full time job is and I wondered if I would have been able to give the blog my all? I have made some huge sacrifices for Bespoke Bride and I will continue to work my ass off.