Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: ‘We Bought A Zoo’

If you’re a regular reader of Bespoke Bride you’ll know that a few weeks ago I watched ‘We Bought A Zoo’ and kept banging on about it because I loved it so much! For those that haven’t seen it it’s a heart warming film about a family who buy a house that is situated on a zoo and as part of the home deal they have to restore and open the zoo.  Now, I don’t know about you but I reckon I would flipping love living on a zoo! But how about getting married at a zoo?


Well, I think that would be pretty darn great too!


Unusual Inspiration Item: The Tiger

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how sometimes it’s nice to take inspiration from random objects as a theme or colour scheme for your wedding! Last time, it was the kiwi and this week I’m taking inspiration from a tiger!

Tiger Colour Scheme2

Fierce! And since animal print made a few appearances in London fashion week it makes even more sense to take inspiration from this gorgeous creature. Faux fur only though people!

Remember, there’s a fine line between classy animal print and tacky animal print, so here’s how to make it work…