Assuming you’re a human being with actual feelings, you probably care at least a little about what people think? Yeah yeah I know we preach alot about your ‘wedding day being your way’ but unless you have a heart of stone, you never truly turn off to what people are saying about you, it’s human nature after all? So it should come as no surprise that the fear of telling people you have decided to elope is a concern for many couples who have made that very decision as reader Abbie explained in her recent comment on our blog…

“We have decided to elope – we did have a blessing to do so by my parents but now that I have mentioned it again it hasn’t really gone down well, as if they’ve completely changed their minds on the idea? We are still doing it regardless but its kind of put a dampener on it… I’m so excited to elope and likewise cannot wait to be his wife. But just the daunting fact of how to tell people, especially when the reception is 4 months after we are married? Any advice on how to tell people? Is it rude to  just send an invite to our party? Or do we publicly announce? Please help! I’m in such a panic about it.”

While there are many good reasons for couples wanting to elope i.e costs, stress, family feuds etc, you really shouldn’t let your fear of telling people about your decisions prevent you from following your dream wedding, so we have compiled a list of helpful tips to hopefully make that process easier.


It is a well known fact that December through to February are the most popular months for engagements, but this year there seems to have been an explosion in the number of friends announcing their happy news. It’s all very exciting and it stills fills me with joy to so many people blissfully in love, starting on a new life adventure together. If you are new here first let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming nuptials. We are delighted to welcome you to our blog and we hope that you will find the things we share here helpful as you begin to plan your wedding.

Secondly, have you thought about having an engagement shoot to celebrate your announcement? Do you know what an engagement shoot actually is?

Let me start by saying an engagement shoot isn’t compulsory and you certainly don’t have to have one but I personally think they are fantastic idea! They are undeniably romantic, there’s nothing quite like the glow on a newly engaged couple’s faces and the sparkle in their eye, you can feel the happiness radiating as it dawns on them that they are about to start a thrilling new adventure and for me I think this is the perfect time to find a photographer, head out to your favourite spot and capture that moment forever.

Here you will experience what it feels like to be in front of a camera if this is something you’ve not really done before, this is a fantastic way to put your mind at ease and get some practice in before the big day. You will begin to get to know how photographers work, what they will likely be like on your wedding day and their style of photography.

Having recently announced my own engagement with a shoot, I picked up a few tips along the way and I thought it would be useful to share them with you today.


Of course this is slightly more difficult if you don’t know any photographers personally but you can get a feel for someone just by looking at their ‘About’ page on their website. Look out for their interests, where they live, family etc. These are all ways of judging whether or not you will get on, and will give you an idea of the type of person they are.

Although I am fairly confident in front of a camera now, I knew this would be something Mr T would be a little more worried about, so I wanted to ease him in and the best way to do this was to choose a photographer we knew well. Jess was my first choice as not only is she a great photographer but she is also one of my best friends so I knew she would make us both feel at ease. I also thought it was a fantastic way to get know each other behind the camera, as we had never had pro photos taken together before, so it was useful to work out dynamics.  Naturally I found myself taking the lead and this helped Mr T relax into it more.


This can be anywhere from your favourite cafe to your favourite park. We actually chose to have ours at home. It’s where we spend a lot of time together and it is the foundation of our relationship.  If your stuck for ideas think back to your very first date or where you got engaged. These are locations that mean something to you and will provide fond memories in years to come.


If you are worried about being in front of a camera, there are loads of things you can do to take your mind off it. Photographers are great at thinking up games for you and your other half but you can create your own activities to, these can be anything from going on a colourful wall crawl, getting ice cream at your local ice cream parlour, having a picnic, a day a the fair, a bike ride, even a trip to the garden centre are all fantastic ways to stop nerves and do something you enjoy instead.

We chose to do things that we would normally do every day, for example Mr T sat on the floor watching TV and I scrolled through Instagram on my phone, it might sound mundane but it’s our life and it’s where we feel most comfortable.


Ok so you might not want your theme to be obvious but it certainly helps photographers when you can give them an idea of the type of thing you expect from your photos. Think of ideas that mean something to you, maybe you got engaged in the autumn and what to reflect it by having a shoot in the woods surrounded by colourful leaves or in the spring when everything is light and airy. Perhaps you have a favourite film you could play on such as this Up themed engagement or favourite holiday such as Halloween. Perhaps you love to go camping or you share a love of reading and books, whatever it is use it, nothing is ever to dull and nothing is ever to bold!