A Rustic Country Wedding for Just £1500!! -Tanita & Devon

My goodness gracious me do we have a stunner for you today. Tanita and Devon must be the most thriftiest people I know.

It ‘s not often that you come across a bride and groom that have managed to spend  just under $2500 on their big day (thats about £1500, here in the UK), but that is exactly what this couple managed to do. I love how they wanted to make recycling such as large part of their day, not only is it great for our planet (huge brownie points from me!) but you can recoup some of your expenses and avoid cluttering your home with left over bits and bobs which in most cases end up in your garage growing mould and being eaten by rats.

Whats more I think Tanita and Devon have created a beautifully personalised day, everything has been thought out and built with love and then shared with family and friends. Isn’t that epitome of marriage – working hard to create something together that you get to share with others too?

On that note I will leave you with Tanita to tell you more…

An 1950’s Rockabilly wedding with a Psychobilly twist

Happy Sunday darlings
Our Wedding for the Weekend is a very exciting one, not just because this wedding was downright awesome but also because this gorgeous couple have also featured on one of the best UK Wedding blogs – Rock’ N Roll Bride. Claire and Lee live only a few miles from the Forest of Dean in Cheltenham so we felt it was only fair that we got to feature them too – Big Smiley Faces!!