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Your wedding photos will be one of the most precious series of photos you ever have throughout your entire life, they’re something you’ll treasure forever and will want to show everyone, but sooner or later the album will be tucked away or the USB of photos will placed in a drawer and forgotten about until you stumble upon them years later.

But, imagine if there was a way that you could have the story of your wedding on display in your house every day, without hundreds of photos being out! Well there is! And it’s one of the most unique and beautiful ways i’ve ever seen!

Colour Story App 3

Cue Colourstory, an app and website that allows people to turn their photos into absolutely gorgeous, personalised art prints and home accessories! All you have to do is upload your photos to their website and their clever software will extract the main colours and turn it into something oh so pretty! Not only can you choose from products such as mugs, clocks, phone cases, art prints and lampshades (like you can see we did here) but it gives your pictures a whole new lease of life and tells your story by arranging the colours chronologically! How cool is that?!


The Power (& Health Benefits!) Of Gratitude…

Jessica Turley - Matt Somerville Photography

Photos by Matt Somerville Photography

New year’s resolutions are a great thing don’t you think? They’re a chance to set yourself a new goal, learn something new and to grow as a person. This year, I wanted to do something a little different when it came to my new years resolution. As some of you may know I’m a massive believer in the Law Of Attraction, now don’t go thinking I’m a crazy person right about now but I genuinely believe that if you keep a positive and happy mind then your life will be filled with positive and wonderful opportunities, moments and feelings! I really believe that you can have anything you want as long as you set your mind to it!

Any negative thoughts that pop into your head need to pushed right back out! Believe me, flip it over, think about something positive or you’ll just make yourself feel bad when you focus on those negative thoughts.

Now, if you want to start attracting positive things in to your life (and seriously, who doesn’t?!) then there is one key thing you need to do. Show gratitude. Because we all know we reap what we sow and we get back what we give out right? So the more we show gratitude for things, the more things we’ll have to be grateful for.

Jessica Turley Matt Somerville

That’s why, this year, my resolution is to keep a gratitude journal. Every night, before I go to sleep, I write down things that I really appreciated that day and was really thankful for! It could be as small as someone letting you share their umbrella in the rain or making you a warm cup of tea or it can be as huge as feeling grateful for having a roof over your head and being able to cook lovely meals with the food you bought because you’re grateful to have enough money to do so.


OneWed’s New Wedding Inspiration App…


We like to think of ourselves as quite tech savvy and have even been known to get excited over an app or two. In the past we have featured apps such as Appy Couple and Snapable but today we have something a little different for you. Popular wedding blog ‘OneWed’ have launched their first ever wedding planning app on the Ipad and it is already receiving rave reviews in the tech world.

OneWed’s Wedding Inspiration app allows you to find inspiration for your wedding in an endless stream of high quality wedding photos. You can begin by discovering ideas in categories like dresses, hairstyles, and decor, or browse based on your style, from classic to vintage to DIY.


Snapable – The Fun & Simple Way to Collect Your Guests Photos!


Regular readers might remember we recently featured Wedding Republic and their gift registry for the unique bride, which has received awesome feedback from our Bespoke Brides. The team behind Wedding Republic have since been working hard creating a new app called Snapable, the easiest way to collect all your guests’ photos into one online album.