Mexico Honeymoon Travel Guide Playa Del Carmen 2015 (98)

Hola Amigos! It is has been just over a week since myself and Mr T returned home from the most amazing two week holiday in Playa Del Carmen. This was our second visit and boy oh boy had things changed, in just two years Playa has become pretty big, however it is still for me, one of the most beautiful places on the planet and every time I visit, I leave with even more love in my heart for the magical country that is Mexico.

When I mentioned to friends that we were going back to Mexico for a second time, some were a little surprised that we would go back to somewhere we had already been before and asked what was so special? In my opinion Playa Del Carmen’s location makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico. Trust me when I say that there is so much to see and do there, that you couldn’t possibly cover it all in one vacation, so it definitely warranted a second visit.

If you plan on visiting Playa Del Carmen, Cancun or any of the surrounding areas anytime soon, you might want to bookmark this guide because it’s pretty packed with places to see and things to do! Lets get started with where to stay.

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The Hotel

We stayed at the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort overlooking the Riviera Maya, just a 10 minute drive from Playa Del Carmen. I was beyond excited at staying at this resort as it was right next to Xcaret Park – Mexico’s popular eco-archaeological Park. This was one of the very first places we visited on our first trip and was a highlight for the both of us, so I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to go again especially when it was just a stone’s throw away and could be accessed from a cute river boat from our hotel. Our room was situated right next to one of the pools overlooking the back of Xcaret park which meant we were treated to luscious green views, whilst being just a minute walk from the nearest water source, which was much needed in the 42 degree heat.

There were a total of 11 Restaurants, 9 bars, 5 swimming pools and 10 Jacuzzis on the resort (although some were exclusive to Royal members) and the best bit was that you could organise so many activities straight from the hotel, which is great for people who can’t sit still for 5 minutes – just like Mr T! The gardens of the hotel were so beautiful and for environmentalists like me, it was refreshing to see a hotel that actually welcomed wildlife onto its grounds. We even had our own little wild rainforest to explore, where we often saw Howler Monkeys, Long Tailed Coatis, Deer, Iguanas and lots of different species of butterfly. The hotel is set up to regard wildlife, lighting pathways and building bridges to ensure that their natural surroundings weren’t interfered with too much, so I was impressed to say the least.

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