DIY True Love Flower Napkins Vector Wreath Wedding Tutorial_-3

I honestly think DIYing elements of your wedding couldn’t be any easier than it is now, every day tons of tutorials and free printables are released all around the world to help couples add those special touches to their special day and if you make things way ahead of time you can have your wedding truly YOU in no time! Today’s DIY is no exception to this, you can download our free printable for these napkins and make a whole bunch in advance ready for your tables! It’s also worth saying that the graphic we used is from Graphic Stock and they have TONS of other designs you can get if flowers aren’t your thing! The possibilities really are endless!

Ok, let’s jump in shall we? To create these napkins all you’ll need is:

Plain white napkins // This Printable Template (Large) OR This Printable Template (small) //A Printer // Iron on Paper // An Iron //

DIY True Love Flower Napkins Vector Wreath Wedding Tutorial_-2

STEP1: Print off your template onto A4 iron on Paper in whichever size you prefer, we used the large version of the design in this tutorial.

STEP 2: Cut neatly around the design and heat up your iron so it’s very hot and ready.