Something Wedding for the Weekend: Part 2 of our Shoot at Yosemite with dresses by “Green Queen” designer Deborah Lindquist

On a miserable sunday like today we wanted to show you something beautiful that can come from a rainy day. You would never believe it but part 2 of our Yosemite shoot was shot in the pouring down rain…

Sticking with the same location of Yosemite as it is so darn beautiful, we were über excited about the next shoot. As the girls were in hair and makeup and trying on their dresses the theme became apparent and we knew it was gonna be hot hot hot!!!

(Even though it was rainy rainy rainy!!!)


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Part 1 of our shoot at Yosemite with dresses by “Green Queen” Deborah Lindquist!

Finally it’s here, the shoot we have been rambling on about since we came back from California a couple of weeks ago!

When we decided to visit California a shoot with the wonderful Mariel Hannah was always going to be on the cards, but when we were offered the chance to shoot dresses designed by eco couture designer Deborah Lindquist we knew it was going to be something special.

Deborah Lindquist is famous in the fashion world as the “Green Queen” designing environmentally conscious couture dresses as well as a host of other ready to wear apparel. She uses recycled and eco-friendly materials for all of her designs, not only ensuring  she is doing her bit to take care of the planet, but also means that each of her designs has a very unique look. Many of Deborah’s designs have an iconic vintage cashmere style about them that has created her a following of fans around the world as well as with stars such as Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.


A Rustic Woodland Bridal Shoot at Yosemite

As we may have mentioned (once or twice!) we were lucky enough to be a part of three separate bridal shoots while we were up in Yosemite, one of which we are going to be sharing with you today!!

We wanted the theme around this photo shoot to be very woodland based and rustic which worked out perfectly for the area we were in.

We hope you enjoy this inspired shoot as much as we enjoyed doing it! 

To make this photo shoot extra exciting we had an additional photographer and a make-up artist! Both Mariel and Amber are super talented and we would highly recommend them for weddings!