Beauty DIY: How To Paint Aztec Nails

I’ve got to be honest. I’m really not that great at painting nails! Considering i’m quite a creative and artistic person you would have thought it would come natural to me, but oh no, my hand is not a steady one when it gets close to my nails! The problem is, I love patterned nails, crazy nails, bright nails and above all, aztec nails. So what’s a girl to do? Well either fork out for a pro or just power through and go for it I say!

I know these look a little stodgy but not bad for a first attempt I feel? Here’s how I did it…

First of all you will need:

♥ 2 different colour nail varnishes

♥ Cotton buds & cotton pads (in case of emergency!)

♥ 1 Cocktail stick

♥ Sellotape (well I used sellotape because I had nothing else, but the proper nail guide stickers would be better!)

♥ A small plate

Ready? Let’s go..