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Today’s DIY is such a simple one and would be so perfect for wrapping up your bridesmaids presents! The best news is you can do this completely for free, just download our free printable wrapping paper and our geometric tags and away you go! The beads I used were off an old broken necklace and the string was in the cupboard, these look just as cute without the beads though if you don’t have any! Cheap and chirpy!

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Step 1: Print & cut out your wrapping paper and tags.

Step 2: Wrap up your little gifts,


Fashion Friday: An Afternoon In The Sun

Fashion Friday An Afternoon In The Sun

Wowza!! How hot has this weather been?! I AM LOVING IT! It’s no secret that i’m a sucker for the sun and feel even more happy when it’s shining bright. I mean seriously though, doesn’t everyone feel happier when the sun is out? I swear my normal Facebook news feed is a bunch of people moaning about various things, but this week? Not a complaint in sight, well ok there’s the occasional sunburnt story or two but that’s neither here nor there, it seems like this weather is putting smiles on everyone’s faces and mine & Emily’s is no exception! We had a fab afternoon in the sun this week, bouncing ideas off each other and planning our blogging schedule for the upcoming month! I always have a huge surge of motivation when we do this because we both know exactly who’s doing what where and it often means we have lots of new exciting projects to start and complete! What does one where to such an afternoon though? Here’s what we ‘threw on’…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Aztec Inspired

Last night, while I sat down sipping on a sugary cup of tea,  I had a flick through the H & M magazine that had arrived in the post. Bold Aztec prints were making a regular appearance which made me super happy! I LOVE AZTEC. It reminds me of Mexico and has that cool edge that you just can’t get from pretty florals!

Aztec save the date


I felt so inspired by all of the patterns that I got straight to work creating an Aztec inspiration board! Ok…I ordered a few tops firsts…