Bespoke Brides Guide to throwing a Stag Party!

Ok I know what you’re thinking? How could a female possibly know how to throw a kick ass stag party? Well the truth of the matter is I probably don’t but I am going to give it a good go anyway. And if any man is brave enough to try it my way please let me know how it goes because it may be the case that women do actually know better than men and I would love nothing more than a chance to prove it 😉

So I have obviously never been  on a stag party but I have heard some crazy tales, usually involving lots of male nakedness, lots of alcohol and lots of strippers…well can I just stop you there, this is probably the beginning of where you are going wrong. Surely men are no longer interested in the world of strippers and strip clubs, with nudity and sex being so readily available on the internet does it really have the same effect?? My guess is NO! Long gone are the 50’s where naked women and strip clubs were rarities, this is now accessible everyday so don’t you think it’s high time to try something different?