A Charming English Barn Wedding: Emma & Scott

A Charming English Barn Wedding

When I was first introduced to Emma and Scott’s story I had a very deja vu moment. In fact I had to double check the couples names as I really thought I was reading the story of how one of my best friends had first met her husband.

Any way I digress. Today’s wedding has some of the most beautiful styling I have ever seen in a barn! Beautiful rustic floral displays, pretty pastel bunting, loads of fairy lights and all brought to life with the most fantastic photography! What really struck me with Emma and Scott was their desire to make sure everyone shared some part in their special day, holding a wedding in both New Zealand and back here in the UK, to make sure their most nearest and dearest could celebrate with them. Their first ceremony was held in New Zealand so it was only right that parts of that were included back home. In honour they had the best bottle labels made up, using an image from the original ceremony, along with the cutest surprise from Emma’s brothers, which featured a video of sweet messages from their family and friends back in New Zealand!

Here is Emma and Scott’s story…

Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-90 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-95 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-99 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-146 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-154 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-183 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-190 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-198 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-275 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-278 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-287 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-291 A Charming English Barn Wedding


A Handmade Barn Wedding With a Thousand Origami Cranes – Hayley & Chris

“If we could do it again, we probably would!” That the was the last thing Hayley said after I asked her about her wedding day. This couple are just so in love, you can really tell from these  beautiful images captured by Jay Mountford and second photographer Claire Penn, just how much this couple wanted to be married. Their day was beautifully laid back and totally reflected both their hobbies and personalities, taking inspiration from all the wonderful places the couple have visited together – simply wonderful!

Hayley & Chris, Hellens Manor, Herefordshire wedding photography

Hayley and Chris were married on the 10th of August at Hellens Barns in Much Marcle, Herefordshire. Here is what Hayley had to say about her fun-loving day:

It was important to me that we married in Herefordshire, I grew up in the county and I still have family that live in the area. It was also important to Chris as he felt that such a beautiful area would be the the ideal location for a good old knees up in a lovely rustic barn, without the bells & whistles of a manor house. Hellens Barn was just that, full of character but blank enough for us to make our mark in terms of decorations. It was also important for us to have a nice outdoor space so everyone could enjoy the fantastic scenery & capricious English weather.

A Handmade Barn wedding With 1000 Origami Cranes

We did most of the decorations ourselves as that’s what we like doing.  The centerpiece of the day was a backdrop of 1,000 origami cranes which took us about a year to make.  It’s a Japanese tradition that confers either good luck or a wish to the people that create it.  Japan is a significant place for both of us as we spent the first three years of our relationship living there.  We also wanted a lot of colour & we hit upon the idea of making the inside of the barn look a bit like a Mongolian yurt as we spent an exhilarating (& slightly smelly) holiday there.  This involved a hula-hoop suspended by fishing wire from the ceiling with coloured paper streamers radiating out to the walls.  This feat of engineering was executed with deft manly ingenuity by the best men, master of ceremonies & my Dad.


Sunday Sharing & Weekly Round-up: Last of the Summer Sun…

Hello lovelies on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

I am writing Sunday Sharing today from the comfort of my local pub, where I am enjoying spending the last of the summer sun in the beer garden. I usually dread the return of winter as I have a huge phobia of snow – yes thats right snow, but i have good reasons trust me. However im really looking forward to christmas this year, getting all cosy in my new little house and spending some quality time with my nearest and dearest. This year has been somewhat of a whirlwind for me, so ill be glad of the downtime.

Yesterday was a busy one for us as we made our way to the National Wedding Show in Birmingham to report on the day. The centre was buzzing with vendors and brides alike and we had an awesome day chatting with so many people, it was an exciting experience. There will be more from us on the show next week but for now, let us leave you with whats been going on in the world of weddings for another week.