A Quirky Wedding on the Battersea Barge – Sarah & Richard

I adore the wise words from todays bride “weddings are intimate occasions, and it’s very easy to get influenced by weddings magazines and people who want to organise your wedding for you. I believe if you design your wedding how you want it, it makes it extra special. Who cares if things don’t match, it is your day and it is something you will remember for ever!”

It is easy to lose sight of what a wedding actually is. It is about two people celebrating their love for each other and making vows to continue to love and support one another no matter what may come their way. Sarah and Richard are such an inspiring couple and their wedding is a testament to support not only of one another but of their wonderful loving family and friends who have also been there for them when times have been tough.

This is Sarah and Richards story…

We were married on the glorious Battersea Barge on the river Thames. We wanted to get married near water, as water held a lot of sentimental value for me. (Both my parents have  passed away in the last four years and their ashes were scattered in Saltburn, Cleveland). We had looked at a  few venues in the North East and in London; however the venues were very ‘formal’. We are not one for being ‘formal’, we wanted somewhere that people could relax and have fun and also we both LOVE London, (Me being from the North East, and Richard London). London is now my home and wanted the wedding to be in London. We visited the Battersea Barge on my birthday in February 2013, and fell in love with it. It was quirky, on the Thames and had views of the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and even better it was next to Battersea Power Station, one of London’s iconic images – what was even better the venue had two spiral staircases leading to the upper deck as well as its own fairy lights – it was magical. We booked the date there and then. It was the best decision we ever made, everyone loved the venue and said it was quirky just like us, which brought a huge smile to our faces as it was exactly what we wanted to achieve.