Off the Record: Greeting New Additions, Getting Cosy, & Good Food!!!

Bespoke Bride Instagram December 14

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Eeeeek!! Can you believe it is actually December and that we are already nearly a week in! Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be turning the grand old age of 28, so this weekend will mainly be about celebrating then after that I will be on full festive mode, getting the tree up and christmas shopping! You see I refuse to get festive until after my birthday which usually results in the next week or so being a mad dash to the shops for presents and impulse buys whilst trying to get up to date with all our blog posts over the holiday period. I wish I could be a little more organised but to be completely honest  I quite enjoy the rush, it makes me feel more christmassy! Am I mad? Yes, probably! Any who here is what we have been loving this week!


♥ Being able to finally open my advent calendar! Yes I am 27 and yes my mum still buys me an advent calendar every year and I never want it to change! 

♥ Hot chocolate with extra Marshmallows!

♥ Cosy nights in on the sofa under a blanket reading all my BBC wildlife magazines. I seriously have a backlog of about 20 to get through before the end of the year and my subscription is renewed. I sooooo need to make more time to read!!!

♥ Having dinner cooked for me! Mr T made a veggie Sausage Casserole this week and it was seriously yum!!!

 Spending a lazy sunday walking down the harbour in Bristol and taking in the sites and smells of the christmas markets stalls. 

Meeting the new addition to our family!! My cousins little boy, baby Arlo was born last week and he is just totally adorable!!! I have completely fallen in love with him and I cant wait to have even more cuddles with him soon!


Going to the BBC food show! Me and James went and spent the day trying all of the delicious food and drink on offer! We also got to watch John Torode and we caught a show with Gennaro Contaldo which I loved, he showed us how to cook some delicious gnocchi! 

Infused water! I’m really trying to get into it because I seriously do not drink enough water so getting creative with it is definitely helping! So far I’ve tried mint with cucumber and blackberries with sage! Tomorrow I’m going for orange, lemon and ginger! YUM! 

Starbucks hot chocolate with almonds & honey. HOLY SHIT. Try it and i’ll see you in heaven!

Napping in front of the fire with Mushu, on Wednesday afternoon my wifi went down thanks to BT and I couldn’t do anything. So I sat down in front of the fire intending to do a bit Christmas shopping from my phone then some how woke up an hour later! I must have been tired!

Spending an afternoon down Nans, we always get spoilt when we go down there, completely overfed haha! Biscuits? chocolate? cup of tea? sandwich? Oh go on then! 

This competition by Hannah Elizabeth Photography! Everybody go enter, it’s for a great cause!! 


Photography by Brittni Mehlhoff via Paper n Stitch