Floral Nail Art Tutorial Main Pic

Most of you lovely lot will remember last year me and Em attended the Cosmo Blog Awards and it was seriously epic! The room was filled with bloggers, cocktails and fun stalls to try out but one of the highlights for me was seeing a familiar face there, not from any previous industry events but from school! The beautiful Sammy from The Nailasaurus had been nominated for best beauty blog and it was a mere 6/7 years ago that we were both at sixth form together! It really is a small world and I was so pleased that her awesome blog is getting so much recognition! I just know that you guys are going to love her nail tutorials as much as we do and so we felt it only right to ask Sammy to dream up a design for us to share with you! Low and behold these DIY flower nails to flaunt this spring…


A selection of nail polish colours // A quick-drying top coat // A nail art brush // A pencil // Chevron stencils or scotch tape // Glitter (optional)


Paint on your base colour and wait until it’s dry to the touch.



Using the rounded end of a pencil (or a paintbrush, or anything else similar that you have laying around) to create some circles on your nails. Take a blob of nail polish out onto a sheet of plastic and dip the end of the pencil into it, then dot it in one downwards movement on to your nail to create a perfect circle.


Beauty DIY: How To Apply The Perfect Base

Foundation Base 1
Oh god. I can’t believe I’m posting a photo of me with zilch make up onto the internet! It is for the greater good though since the lovely Lauren Mason has supplied us with a great tutorial on how to ensure your base is perfected! This is part 1 of a 3 part series with Lauren where we’ll also be giving tutorials on how to create a fresh day look and how to transform your day look into a night look! Ok, over to you Lauren…